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8 party looks with garments you already have in the closet

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O lo que es lo mismo: estilismos pensados para el mes de diciembre que se hacen con básicos que pueden formar parte del armario cápsula

Por María JoséPérez Méndez8 looks de fiesta con prendas que ya tienes en el armario 8 looks de fiesta con prendas que ya tienes en el armario

Arriving December and thinking about party looks is all one, despite the fact that its nature, like that of the parties themselves, may have changed.Perhaps those eternal nights are no longer before, but more daytime plans in which functionality shakes hand with enjoyThose who are intended to raise the intention of the day to day.Therefore, it is not strange to see that basic garments that can be part of the closet bottom are sneaking: after all, versatility is one of its main characteristics.

The white shirt

It is almost certain that it is already in the closet, especially since it has managed to position itself as one of the essential pieces between the trends of the season.That fact owes much to both the rise of classical aesthetics and practicality, a narrative that although it may seem opposite to fun, can live without problems.Just as it happens in this look, also vertebrate around black suit pants.To wrap it in a certain festive spirit, you can resort to slightly unexpected shoes (why not white instead of black?) And a special jacket or coat, that is, printed, embroidery or with some type of applications thatLook out of the purely basic.

The fluffy sweater

No matter what the color or even the drawing that makes its texture: the fundamental thing is that this piece feels like a hug and that is aligned with the search for security that extends abroad (where it even becomes more necessary).It may seem an informal garment, but the fluffy sweaters (and a little oversized) can be contextualized inside the formal thanks to suit pants, heel shoes and a charismatic bag.And beware, because in this case black is not always the best solution.

The cardigan

8 looks de fiesta con prendas que ya tienes en el armario

It is true that the rebeca of the image is a very specific signed by Jacquemus, but that Jenny Walton's look serves as inspiration.Even a simple cardigan can become a festive garment if it closes in a different way (test to play with the buttons and the fall of the neckline) and binds to a midi skirt and some heels kitten.

The knit dress

If you have a knitted dress in the closet, you already have a round party look without adding anything else.Except, yes, fine heel sandals.In the equation some delicate jewels and a bag of almost any kind may appear, but keeping in two the number of components also works.

The leggings

Not only from Athleisure cut looks live meshes, especially after 2020 triggered the public's interest in them.Leggings have managed to sneak into all kinds of styles, including those party in which not, there are no heads involved.The sample is in Leandra Medine and how a blazer and a romantic shirt are able to take the sports piece to another place.

The lingerie dress

There is no better party dress than a Slip Dress.It was the maxim that followed the models and celebs of the 90s and the one that the subscribers continue to keep the visual minimalism, which find a safe place in the satin and fine place.So much that the colors can vary, as well as the coat that complements it, while the sandals will follow the simple and pure wake of the dress.

The shirt dress

Yes, the dress you use almost every week can also be part of a special party look.In fact, he deserves it.And the strategy is to give the importance that you have to stand out on dark pants: the mixture continues to be so unexpected that it is striking per se.Therefore, accessories, better in black.

The jeans

Of course they had to appear on this list.They are lifeguard par excellence and it would be unfair that they do not occupy, as with some dresses, a position of honor in the party looks.But not in those weekend bars (which also) but in one that speaks of security and charisma just looking at it.Something that is achieved thanks to a seemingly innocent upper part, such as a shirt and a sweater and a kimono (or coat) epatante, a piece that can now be easily found in almost all stores.They will not even import the shoes, even if they increase the surprise factor, they are not so.

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