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A tronista of ‘women and men and vice versa’ acknowledges that he tried to take his life

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Leo Camera jumped to fame in 2013 when he sat as a tronista in women and men and vice versa.He was a young model, newly separated and with two girls, who really wanted to find love.

Of course, he always transmitted that his life had not been easy and was prone to depressions.

Something that, four years after leaving the program, added to a sentimental blow that had just suffered and the pressure of fame led him to want to end his life taking a pillbox.

Leo was admitted and, after receiving the discharge, he had to face the situation with his daughters: “When your daughter tells you 'Why have you done it? ... PUF!I started crying, I had to get out of her and ask her mother to talk to her, I didn't have the courage to explain it to my daughter. ”.

Un tronista de ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ reconoce que intentó quitarse la vida

This was reported last Thursday in Save Me, when the program was making a special about the importance of mental health, following the death of Verónica Forqué.

"I am not 100% recovered as I would like but I can dominate my mind," said Leo, who also explained that the actress's death had removed "at a very extreme level" so he took the opportunity to send aMessage to the people who are in that situation of which you can find an exit.He assured that since then he can have negative thoughts, but he has never considered him again.

In addition, the extronist stressed the importance of the treatment of these diseases.At that time he was not in treatment and claims that no one referred a psychiatrist after his entry.He managed to leave thanks to the support of his psychologist and his relatives.

To end with a call for public health to cover this type of treatments: "There are almost 4000 people a year, it is a fucking barbarity".

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