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A young man violates a woman at the exit of a disco in Valencia after cheating her with the excuse of asking for a taxi

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The Local Police of Valencia have arrested a 21-year-old man of Ecuadorian nationality as the alleged perpetrator of a rape of an 18-year-old girl. Apparently, the events occurred in a park in the Cabanyal neighborhood.

Rape at the doors of a nightclub

The sexual offender and the victim met in the private room of a nightclub. The arrested man misled the young woman by convincing her to leave the establishment with the intention of helping her order a taxi to take her home.

When they arrived at a park near the premises, between Doctor Lluch and Astilleros streets, the man cornered the young woman to presumably take off her clothes, grab her by the neck and force her. Despite the victim's pleas, the detainee sexually assaulted her.

Then, the man re-entered the nightclub while the victim called passers-by for help. A total of 3 Local Police patrols went to the scene, where they found the young woman crying and accompanied by two friends and a security guard.

A young man rapes a woman at the leaving a nightclub in Valencia after deceiving her with the excuse of asking for a taxi

The victim recognized the alleged aggressor, for which the local police officers proceeded to arrest him immediately. He is accused of a crime of sexual assault.