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Anabel Lee: "We try to be like Cirque du Soleil, boring the public is the worst thing that can happen"

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Se llaman Borja, Victor, Perdi y Jordi y formaron Anabel Lee en 2019. Inspirados por el punk británico, fueron finalistas del Vodafone Yu Music Talent y seleccionados como Grupo Cases de la Música de Catalunya en 2020. Ahora acaban de estrenar una versión de Comprada, la canción de Pepa Flores, Marisol, cuya letra ya sonaba bastante punk en su época ("comprada como el ganao/por trece duros de plata"). Aprovechamos para conocer más a estos cuatro chicos que cantan rollo punk, posan rollo preppy y reivindican el barrio y su vida tranquila. Anabel Lee: “Intentamos ser como el Cirque du Soleil, aburrir al público es lo peor que puede pasar” Anabel Lee: “Intentamos ser como el Cirque du Soleil, aburrir al público es lo peor que puede pasar”

You will get tired of asking you this question: Annabel reads for Poe's poem, for the song of Radio Futura or for something else?Because we wanted to stay with the people.The plan was perfect, they asked us about Poe and Radio Futura, pronouncing Anabel Lee how Annabel "Li", and then we would say that it pronounced reads "reading" and we would laugh.But it has not worked.On the contrary, people tell us that our name is poorly written and laughs at us.

What do you see of attractive and special in the figure of Marisol to honor her?It is magnetic, when we consider making a version of yours we fall in its influence.We feel a lot of admiration, this simple we take it more seriously than usual.Pepa Flores took the decision to abandon public life more than 20 years and we came to consider not making this tribute, out of respect.In the end we concluded that if we did it was from the deepest respect and especially with heart.We wanted to give our voice and rage to a song with such a complaint, so much nonconformity.We try to bring our abilities to the extreme and believe that the song has been impregnated with that rage.What has made us happy is that all the people who have worked in this single have been trapped by that force that is Marisol, just like us.

Of all the common myths and places that exist on the Spanish indie bands, which one is more wrong and which one is more successful?The greatest error is to define indie as a super defined and concrete musical genre.What is indie today?Our bassist always said he hated him.They did not just grind some bands and erroneously assumed that all indie bands sounded the same.When we told him that Anabel Lee was going to be a project with some influences from the national indie, she threatened to leave the band ... and now she even recommends groups.What we mean is that, if it happens to him, surely it happens to more people.Tags = prejudices.Bad, error.The most successful myth?Nonconformity.The indie artist, if we continue using that denomination, does not want to sound like one thing: he wants to sound like everything.Put your referents in something genuine, have fun doing it and aspire to have a faithful audience.The handsome thing is that the mainstream concept had been smelling of Rancio for a long time and it is no longer a matter of selling or not, or being more real than anyone.You do what you like, you try to reach people with your music and now.

Surely they ask you a lot what are your musical influences, but what are the visuals?Your presentation and aesthetics is very careful.In our imaginary there are several key icons, such as the immediacy of Sex Pistols or The Clash, the elegance of The Jam or the rupture of Idles aesthetic clichés.But the truth is that most of our visual influences come from the British punk culture, from the eighties and ninety, and from life in the neighborhood, which we are almost all from the Obrero neighborhood and that takes much inside.In addition, two of the band dedicate ourselves to the audiovisual world and give many laps to the staging, we are always plotting something.Having a photographer who is practically one more member of the band makes things very easier for us.What we like is that we combine all this visual care with great immediacy and improvisation.

Anabel Lee: “Intentamos ser como el Cirque du Soleil, aburrir al público es lo peor que puede pasar”

What like yourself most of yourself?That we are what you see.You know what to expect from us.And if not, we explain it: elbows, sweat, jump jumps and dance.I may release some tear if you are going through a bad moment.Run to the bar for a glass to get back on the track before we finish a song.And maybe we like it, maybe not.But it's the best we know how to do.

And what do you like most about yourself?The answer to the previous question.Know what we know what we are and above all that we do not want to be.That we can enjoy each of the moments that we live as a band, even the things that do not grind so much.

What is your favorite way to lose control?Play and that people capture our music.At that time the public undertakes and we further lose control.Then we put the automatic pilot and what has to happen.

What did you buy with your first salary?We gave ourselves a tapas meal in Madrid and it was the greatest sablazo of our life: we spent five or six tapas all the funds of the band.At least it was rich and the site was cool.And we saw Albert Rivera from afar.

What do you have in your mobile screen?It is a very sad anecdote, but they just stolen the band's mobile a few days ago.In a funeral home during a wake.

What is your hidden ability?Compose songs without being drugged.

Your favorite word?Clown.We call it among us all the time and it has a lot of loudness.

What public figure do you love?There is no consensus, but we discuss ourselves between Jackie Chan and Fernando Simón.

And what public figure would you not want to have near?To little Nicolás.We believe we would not congenize.

How is your ideal decoration?The floor of an elderly person who has been frozen at some point between the eighties and the nineties.With a lot of wallpaper and plastic flowers.

And your hateful decoration?We don't hate, and we don't say this to look good.

What trip marked you?The trip to Madrid to meet the Arctic Chiefs (our agency).We saw real turkeys in Soria, the night of before we slept at a relative of each one distributed in a room, Keina invited us to hazelnuts, one of us suffered (and hid) a decrease in tension when they told us that we were already part of Arctic...

And what place would you not return?TO THE CAMPIN DEL VIÑA ROCK.

What song do you put to encourage you?Any of BuzzCocks, Idles or Los Punsetes.The song of Don Quixote de la Mancha of the seventies also puts us very in tone and we have ever used it to go on stage.

And to seduce?If Anabel Lee tried to seduce, she would go wrong, but do it with a song by Antonio Molina or the chichos would hit us enough.

What is your favorite Instagram account?The resistance.Indeed, it's ball.

And the video you have seen more times on YouTube?Miguel el Machine.It is the best and we get to ask for a collaborate.

Who is the most famous person you have met?Pablo González Batista.A little more and makes us a child.What a presence, what porte, what voice ...

Who was your first erotic idol?Joe Talbot, from Idles.

And what has been the last?Joe Talbot.In the erotic, Joe Talbot always.

What do you find when you look for yourself on Google?A clothing store.A crossover would molar us a lot.

What is the worst question they have asked you in an interview?They give us quite mania the standard questions of a lazy interviewer."What do you think when you compose" and things of style.With that of Random things that we can tell ...

What did you always want to know how to do, but do you think it's too late to try to learn?It is never too late to learn anything, don't tell you otherwise, boys and girls.We are now giving him very strong to do the bridge pine and the mortal behind.

Exciting or soothing?Both, but without mixing.Our grandmothers told us "Do not mix".

What dish do you dominate and in which failure in the kitchen?We fail even with the precooked, we do not know how to follow the instructions of the container.We are defenders of the cooked pasta with things like a gourmet dish.

What is the failure you learned most?There are so many failures in our lives that we see them as a sign of identity.One of our slogans is: convert your defects under virtues.Being loser more than being a winner, or at least makes you a little more interesting.

What is the bravest thing you have done in your life?Want to dedicate ourselves to music.

What is the most expensive garment in your closet?Second -hand Fred Perry poles.

What would you not forgive in a friend?That one day let's start sorry on stage and not let us know.Tell it to the face, really.

What would you not forgive in a lover?Let's forgive everything, they forgive us enough to us ...

What did you want to be when you were little?The responses of each one: hairdresser, a power ranger, soccer player and the orange ninja turtle.

What would your dream signal be like?".Our idea is to be the maximum of time in this world.

What is your most irrational fear or phobia?That people come to see us and get bored.It is not irrational: boring your audience is the worst thing that can happen to you.We try to be like Cirque du Soleil and never get bored.

Do you remember what was the happiest moment of your life?The moment in which someone from the music industry paid for us for the first time.It seems little, but ... the most handsome is that today we work with the first person who took the trouble to call us on the phone and tell us that we flip him.

And the saddest?The concerts lost by the Covid crisis.We think of the groups that we were going to stop and we still cry.

What activity does it help you relax and disconnect completely?Take us a must, some beers and a white wine or vermou, if it can be in a better square.We have the eye on a square in Malasaña that ... Eye!

Tell us an absurd joke that made you a lot of grace.Any of Siri, especially "how much is zero divided by zero?", For its tragic end.

Has something ever happened to you find no rational explanation?Be doing this interview.That is, you look at the famous rock that has gone through Icon and you say: "What do we do here?".It is a luxury.

What human quality do you consider more overvalued?We discuss a lot about natural talent: is it the most important or can you supply with hard work?We have not yet decided.

What would you ask the next recipient of this questionnaire?"German helmet or elephant tube?"

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