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Bluper Farewell to 'Late Motiv': five reasons why the Buenafuente program will go down in history

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'Late Motiv' broadcasts its last installment on Movistar Plus this Thursday, December 23.


The Movistar Plus space says goodbye this Thursday, December 23 after seven seasons in which it has proven to be one of the best 'late shows'.

December 23, 202103: 16
Noé Guzmán

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Late Motiv says goodbye to its viewers this Thursday. During this time, Andreu Buenafuente's late show has become one of the programs with the greatest impact on pay television and has left great moments for which this format is now part of the history of television.

"It was a nice TV story full of comedy." This is how Buenafuente defined his space when announcing his unexpected end to the audience. But the truth is that it has also been a success story and below we will break down some of the keys to it.

1. Cradle of comedians

Late Motiv is a choral format in which, under the command of the experienced presenter, numerous collaborators have managed to shine and even rise to stardom thanks to their participation in the program.

Bluper Farewell to 'Late Motiv': five reasons why the Buenafuente program will go down in history

Many of the most outstanding comedians on the current scene in Spain have worked on the Movistar late show. Stars like David Broncano, Eva Soriano, Miguel Maldonado or David Suárez have not only provided unique moments in the format, but have also carved out their own television and humorous career as a result of their collaboration on it.

2. High-level interviews

Another of Late Motiv's great merits is that of having had internationally renowned guests for whom other channels would 'kill'.

Stars such as Sophie Turner and Freddie Highmore have passed through Buenafuente's sofa; national artists who have become global music icons, such as Rosalía; or the son of drug trafficker Pablo Escolar.

3. Viral imitations

In a good late-night humor cannot be absent and, in the case of the program produced by El Terrat, there have been loads of it. Some of the show's most hilarious moments have been its impersonations, which have often gone viral on social media.

Berto Romero playing C. Tangana or Freddie Mercury; Raúl Pérez as Miguel Bosé or Pedro Piqueras; Silvia Abril imitating Rosario Flores or Barei in front of the originals... There are endless imitations that have been part of these seven seasons and that have delighted viewers.

4. Mythical moments

Six years go a long way and Late Motiv has left behind unique television moments that have led it to occupy a privileged place in the history of Spanish late night formats.

One of the programs that will be remembered forever by fans of the format is, without a doubt, the reunion of four mythical characters linked to Andreu Buenafuente's television career. El Neng de Castefa, La niña de Shrek, Palomino and Rodolfo Chikilicuatre met again years later in front of thousands of spectators.

But the space has given other moments that will remain in the collective memory, such as his exchange of sets with La Resistencia, the presenter's initial monologues or the surreal questions from Berto Romero's office.

5. Music with capital letters

At a time when live music is a rare sight on television, it is a real delight to be able to enjoy performances with impeccable sound, meticulous production and a magical atmosphere.

That is precisely what viewers of Late Motiv have had in these seven seasons: music with capital letters. Artists of the stature of Pablo López, Ruth Lorenzo or Manolo García have passed through the set of the format.

Indie artists and groups have also had spaces. Rigoberta Bandini, Izal, La M.O.D.A., Dorian or Morgan have starred in unforgettable numbers.

Special mention also goes to the famous band on the show, which has more than fulfilled the objective that El Terrat had with its creation: to weave the best live music on the Spanish television scene.

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