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Christmas at all train from a family of banks in Marbella

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They lived at every train bumping to the banks.The Clan of Napolitano robbers spent Christmas in Marbella, where he dedicated himself to waste conscientiously part of the loot that would have achieved a few months earlier in a robbery in Murcia.During the holidays they stayed in a luxury chalet - which could cost more than 2.500 euros per month - located a few five minutes by car from the city.The outputs to restaurants, in which they did not skimp in expenses, were daily, as the investigating agents confirmed to Diario Sur, who followed each movement tirelessly.

The five members, who have already been arrested by the National Police and to whom there were a history of robberies organized in Spain, Belgium and Italy, also used to frequent the casinos and discos from the Malaga coast.They could afford it, although they were not aware of professional activity, because in October they allegedly took a booty of 344.335 euros in Murcia.

To achieve this, they would not have hesitated to exhibit their guns, thus sowing panic among the clients and employees of the bank, to which they came to immobilize with ropes to consummate the robbery, according to the National Police.The agents warned that this robbery was related to another occurred in September in Alicante, in which the same ‘modus operandis’ was followed.This time he was frustrated by the resistance of those present and one of the cases involved was arrested.

According to the investigations, the relatives were extremely specialized.Without giving signs of nervousness, they knew how to coordinate perfectly to control people in a very small time.Once they analyzed the bank's security cameras and interviewed the witnesses, they found that the criminals spoke Spanish with foreign accent.

Las navidades a todo tren de una familia de atracadores de bancos en Marbella

With the money of the coup in Murcia, the family already made a first visit to the Marbellí town before Christmas in which they lived as if they were the protagonists of a Martin Scorsese movie.The troops were behind their track, since they foreshadowed that they could have moved to study the area with the task of executing a new robbery.

However, they discovered that in reality what they dedicated were to schedule the holidays of the parties and to tour the real estate companies of the Costa del Sol in search of a home.In the agencies they made it clear that they didn't care about the rental price.What they wanted was to enjoy money, and they also considered the option to stay in Malaga or Torremolinos.Finally, they opted to return to Marbella.

Itinerant band

With the progress of the investigation they managed to identify the five members of the alleged criminal group, whose leader would be the matriarch.They discovered that they changed their home and constantly.Of course, I almost always preferred beach places.They used to move between the Catalan coast, Alicante, Murcia and Malaga.

During their first visit to Malaga, the police identified an individual who kept great physical resemblance to the one arrested in Alicante.After the inquiries, they knew that it was his son.The agents also observed that several of those involved moved several times to Italy to return to Spain again.Precisely, in January, they were about to proceed to the band arrest in Marbella, but the matriarch went to Barcelona.

The woman tried to travel from there to Italy on a ship, but could not do it for not having the negative Covid test that they demanded to embark, so she stayed at a hotel in the city of Condal.Given the possibility that the Spanish territory could abandon shortly, one of the family members in Barcelona, another in Orihuela and three in a toll of the AP-7 at the height of Cartagena.

Background in Europe

During the records made in Alicante, Barcelona and Marbella, several clothing and other accessories that would have used in the robberies, such as gloves, caps, glasses and bags, as well as falsified documentation with which they moved through the Spanish territory, with which they moved through the Spanish territory were used in the Spanish territory.In addition, they seized 49.000 euros.Specifically, they found 47.000 euros in a garbage bag that was hidden in a key channel.The money was organized in 100 bills packages, as they would have extracted in the blow.

The clan already had a history of robberies and other crimes in Italy, Spain and Belgium.One of them, in addition, was looking for Italian authorities since the 70s for their alleged involvement in homicides or kidnappings.Two of the alleged material authors of the robberies in Murcia entered prison by court order.However, the police continue with the efforts to locate a sixth member of the criminal group.


Policía Nacional, Marbella

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