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Constipation in the pregnant woman, what to take to avoid it

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Si estás embarazada y padeces estreñimiento te explicamos por qué se produce y qué puedes tomar para aliviar este trastorno tan molesto que puede causar o agravar otras afecciones, como los gases o las hemorroides.

Written by:

Caridad Ruiz

Journalist Specialized in Health and Nutrition

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Updated: October 6, 2021

Constipation in pregnancy is not a serious disorder, but very frequent ... and, above all, very annoying.And not to defecate for several days can cause swelling or gases, gut pain, and even headache, and it is even possible that the pregnant woman is more nervous or altered during those days.Also the effort to expel feces can cause hemorrhoids or anal fissures, or aggravate them if they were already suffering.

We explain what are the causes that lead to the appearance of constipation during pregnancy and what you can do if you are constipated and pregnant, such as taking or avoiding certain foods, as well as tricks and measures to prevent alterations of intestinal transit and relieve their discomfort.

Estreñimiento en la embarazada, qué tomar para evitarlo


Why constipation occurs in pregnancy

The first thing we should know is that behind constipation in pregnancy there is a physiological cause, as explainedThe intestinal tone, which favors the absorption of nutrients, but also the appearance of constipation ”.

Constipation is frequent in pregnancy for several reasons:

What can the pregnant woman take to relieve constipation

If you are pregnant and suffer constipation you must remedy as soon as possible.According to Sara Herrera Kelly, “the first line of treatment for constipation during pregnancy is based on a diet readjustment: increase water and fiber intake.An intake of 20-35 g of natural fiber a day should be included. ”


Fiber is not a nutrient, it is a component of vegetables that is not absorbed or digested.It is beneficial for health because in addition to preventing constipation and facilitating intestinal transit, regulating glucose and blood cholesterol levels and is a good ally for weight control due to its satiating effect.

Getting those 20-35 g of fiber a day is easy with these dietary measures:


Other natural remedies against constipation

Apart from these dietary tips you can try some truquillos or natural remedies to relieve constipation.They are complementary and harmful aids, but that do not work in all people:

Can laxatives be taken in pregnancy?

If despite these dietary measures, constipation persists you must consult the doctor in case you have to prescribe some type of laxatives."If the changes in the lifestyle were not effective, the use of pharmacological measures would be specified, among which are bolus -training agents, emollient agents or feces of feces, lubricants, osmotic laxatives, stimulating laxatives, enemas and suppositories", concludes the midwife Sara Herrera Kelly.


Tips for preventing constipation in pregnancy

In addition to making some changes in the pregnant diet, to avoid constipation during pregnancy, it is convenient to lead a lifestyle as healthy as possible, following these tips:

Created: October 4, 2021

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