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Daniel Levy talks about discovering the power of fashion through 'Schitt's Creek'.

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El actor y creador de la serie nos habló sobre la importancia de la moda (y el por qué de algunas de sus elecciones) antes de los Globos de Oro

Por Hayley MaitlandDaniel Levy habla sobre descubrir el poder de la moda a través de ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Daniel Levy habla sobre descubrir el poder de la moda a través de ‘Schitt’s Creek’

When this pandemic is part of the pages of history we will remember a few celebrities that helped us get ahead: Leslie Jordan, Tabitha Brown and - Perhaps more than any other person - Daniel Levy, whose genuinely comforting series Schitt's Creek has gone from being A relatively unknown Canadian sitcom to a Netflix phenomenon (Movistar+, in Spain) Emmy winner in the last six months. The simplicity of his premise leads to deception: Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), the owner of the second major videos rental, is suddenly seen completely ruined, something that forces him to move with his wife Moira (very much to the Daphne Guinness, played by Catherine O'Hara), his son David (Daniel Levy) and his daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) in a motel in the rural village of Schitt's Creek. Before the Gold Balloons were celebrated, in which once again Schitt's Creek was nominated in the five main categories of better comedy series (and was winning in two), Daniel Levy reflected on what makes this series Be so magical.

The historical victories of the series in the Emmy

“I don't get out of my astonishment with how generous people are being with Schitt’s Creek. Mentally we are all back in the first two seasons, when no one knew what we were doing. We were nothing more than this rarite series with a strange name, so these great historical achievements are still surreal. Wow, I don't think any of us ever forget the Emmys night. I went hoping that my father and Catherine may receive some recognition, and if we were very lucky, maybe the series. I had no idea what would come, hence my expressions of shock throughout the evening. I kept trying to assume it again and again. And you know, we were in our city, Toronto, in a tent, seeing it all together, with people appearing from nowhere suddenly with their chemical protection costumes and giving us the Emmys. On the one hand it was in plan, this is one of the best nights of our life. On the other, it could have easily been a prepared joke and we would not have realized, but the good thing is that they would have to come to take away the Emmys. I keep them locked. ”

The decision to finish ‘Schitt’s Creek’ in style

“We put a lot of love and care for the series and we did not want to finish it - he simply spoke to us, the conclusion somehow appeared for himself and we thought: it is better to leave people wanting more than ending up being heavy.That night in the Emmys no doubt validated our decision.And what I hope is that at some point something comes to mind that makes me want to visit that adorable town that is Schitt’s Creek. ”

The role of fashion in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Daniel Levy habla sobre descubrir el poder de la moda a través de ‘Schitt’s Creek’

“I've never been a fan of explanatory dialogues, so I turn fashionable. In this series the clothes say a lot about the characters. You do not need to write about the fact that the Rose misses their home or to what extent they have fallen out of favor, because you have David with a sweatshirt with a crest in the hood of Helmut Lang in the middle of the Amish farm, or to Moira staggered to enter The tropical coffee with very high heels, which already explain everything. I wanted the people who see him and who loves fashion could recognize the pieces in the series that made Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis more authentic. It seemed super important that we had the original garments. At the same time, our budget was so incredibly low that we had to get frankly creative. Buying directly from the store was not a possibility, so we got everything in deposit or through eBay. Being selfish, the series gave me an excuse to track the garments that I had been admiring for a long time or the collections that had been recorded in my mind as something really cinematographic or full of meaning. We pulled a good part of the latest Raf Simons collection for Jil Sander, which for me was pure joy, and I felt that we needed those garments to appear on Schitt’s Creek, even if it was as a talisman. In the pilot episode, when Alexis is going down the stairs of the Rose mansion, he does it carrying a dress from that collection, and later Moira puts another dress like PVC from Jil Sander (in the third season, episode 10). And then there are the shocking pieces of Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens, Balenciaga during the Ghesquière era ... so I think that one of the best things that I have done of having made this series is the impact and meaning of fashion at the time of Help tell a story. ”

His plans for the Golden Globes

“I am really planning to see the ceremony in the kitchen with my dog, which is not exactly as I imagined that it would be my first time in a ceremony of awards ceremony like this, but hey, we do what we can.Joy of good health and that is what really matters.I will open a bottle of champagne whether I win or not.It is a complicated night, so I do not have much hope for us, but the fact of having reached so far is already a compliment more than enough. ”

The popularity of the series during the pandemic

“Well, our intention was to make a small and kind series that served as support for people (especially the homeless) and demonstrate that even the strangest circumstances can lead to something wonderful. I believe that pop culture in general has caricatured and judged small peoples, so to make Schitt’s Creek a place where people can be accepted as it is a very conscious choice and meditated by our part. He created this philosophy according to which love and growth are generated thanks to surrounding yourself with an atmosphere of support and acceptance. So I think that for people who are trying to process a lot Streaming service just at a time when people were so in need of such hope and optimism. The feeling that, even if it is only for half an hour every night, they can transport to a slightly more kind place than the world that the news shows us. We couldn't have asked for more, really. ”

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