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fashion as heritage

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Although it is true that I enjoy fashion and that I have bought a lot throughout my life (I recently read that an ordinary woman spends nine years of her life shopping; although in my case it would be a few more) It is also true that I try to lengthen his life sine die. I love rediscovering a coat or a scarf ten years later and showing that I still love it.

Although it is true that over the years my style and fashions have changed, in general I have always maintained a line, which has been accentuated over time, tending towards basic, classic garments and solid colors or plans. Although my wardrobe is also dotted with some extravagance or more daring ensemble.

As for the colors, my basics are black and white, although beige and brown also predominate. It is curious how today we can dress in almost any color, but there was a time when the tones would be determined by social status. For example, in ancient Rome purple was only worn by royalty and the most powerful because the 'dye' was obtained from mollusks after an arduous extraction process. Protocol and social norms also restricted or popularized the use of certain shades. But there were always those who transgressed those rules, written or not, and set the precedent for new fashions.

Fashion as heritage

Curious is the case of Queen Victoria who in 1840 extended the use of white for wedding dresses. At that time there were other colors that were in style, although now it is hard for us to imagine.

Although it is true that I dedicate less time (and money) to this entertainment, now I prefer special pieces that I can leave to my heirs. Because fashion, without a doubt, talks about us, who wears it; but it is also the reflection of a society, of a thought or a specific moment in history that becomes a pledge.

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