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Fashion Why does your clothing size change depending on the brand?

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At the gates of the 2021 sales, the most anticipated in history, there is a fact that we cannot ignore, we do not wear the same size in all stores. In times of pandemic in which trying on pants is a risky activity, getting home with the clothes that will fit us best is complicated. Online stores have the advantage that there is a size guide, if we know more or less our measurements, it is difficult to make mistakes, but not impossible. The unfair reality is that each clothing brand has different measurements, wearing a 38 or 36 is a reasonable doubt, do not trust yourself and take note of these tips before buying any garment. Moda ¿Por qué cambia tu talla de ropa según la marca? Moda ¿Por qué cambia tu talla de ropa según la marca?

The size of the clothes changes according to the brand

The psychological effect plays an important role in the universe of carvings. Brands play with the self-esteem of their main clients and the sector they are targeting. A Bershka size S is not the same as a Massimo Dutti size, the pattern makes Bershka use smaller sizes than Massimo Dutti. A teenage audience and pieces aimed at smaller bodies are the excuse to change size.

Not being able to know the exact size without seeing the garment live or getting virtual measurements that allow us to make an approximation will be one of the inconveniences of these days. The mind will play an important role, as well as patience. There is no need to be in a hurry when buying, either virtually or physically.

In these times after a Christmas holiday with too many sweets and semi-confinement, people are asked to go out as little as possible and some gyms are closed, it is important to get clothes that fit perfectly. Correctly investing the budget in pieces that we can use on a day-to-day basis is essential.

Tips to get the size right

Moda ¿Por qué cambia tu talla de ropa según la marca?

Stores like H&M have a size limit in their physical spaces. Large sizes are only sold online. It is a policy that some brands follow, it is important not to get discouraged if the right size is not found in a store or if we see a huge number on the label. The brands make the patterns based on their potential customers, who do not have to be the majority of the population.

The mannequins are a 34. We should never trust the mannequins or how it looks on the model in the photo. A garment changes radically from the photo to reality, it can be different. Trying on the pieces that we like is necessary, but also knowing the measurements. Take a good look at the centimeters of each type of garment, you will be surprised to discover that the differences between brands can be up to 10 centimeters. These centimeters can destroy our self-esteem or prevent us from wearing those pants that just arrived from an online store.

How to always get it right when buying online

The best option to be able to get it right is always to use one size more when in doubt, measure our body well and opt for more. If it's pants or a dress or skirt, it's as easy as adding a belt. This trick will help us adjust the garment to the body. In addition to being more comfortable, it will not squeeze us so much and it can help us lose kilos visually. If you have doubts between a 36 or 38 opt for the largest.

Point is a good option. Without really knowing your size, knits or stretchy garments are a good way to get them to fit your body without being exact. If we look at some garments they are one size fits all, that means they are quite elastic or have a loose pattern that can be adapted to each body. The fabric is ideal to be able to hit and wear the garment for longer. Even if we are expecting a baby, a knitted, warm and comfortable dress can be worn for a few months and will look good even after delivery.

Shirts and sweatshirts are easy to buy. We can buy the shirts bigger so that they fit us in a maxi version, with some leggings they will look great, it will not be necessary to get the size right. Similarly, sweatshirts, even if they are large, can help us gain safety and comfort. In this type of garment we will not be afraid to give the M before the S. In the same way we can verify that there is a minimal difference between the sizes, within the same brand we will not have problems to adapt.

If we have previously used a garment of that brand, we will be able to perfectly recognize the appropriate size. We will know if they are small or large sizes, having a guide or knowing the opinions of those who have bought the garment before us will be a plus that will help us a lot. We will pay attention to the size guide and we will try to get it right when buying, these 2021 sales will surely succeed.

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