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I earned my life as a sex worker.Then I started to question my genre

By hollisterclothingoutlet 09/09/2022 695 Views

I have never fit into a category.Before I defined me as bisexual, polyamorose, disabled and sex worker.Recently I also left the closet as a non -binary person, after realizing that the negative feelings I had towards my body were symptoms of gender dysphoria.

During most of my life I have been a thin person, which fits with the androgynous style that expressed unconsciously.As I approached 30 years, I began to gain weight, and for two years my new curves have caused me incredible discomfort with my body.I no longer knew what to wear to hide my big breasts.

When I was without clothes I seemed two strange objects that I had to get rid, not a part that I liked from my body.On the other hand, as a sex worker, it was easy for me to use my breasts as part of a uniform that men found attractive.Covered them with lingerie just like the other sex workers I saw.

Me ganaba la vida como trabajadora sexual. Luego empecé a cuestionarme mi género

I had been using my femininity for years as a claim for my clients.Before that, I had used it to attract my partners.

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