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Kate Del Castillo takes her new challenge out of the closet, while dressing ‘queen’ and enjoying her present

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Since he arrived in the city of Los Angeles and adopted it as his home almost 15 years ago, the Mexican Kate del Castillo has always sought to stay active, either on the screen as an actress, in the community as an activist, as a spokeswoman in institutions such asPeta and also as a businesswoman, a facet that has led her to venture into the world of tequila, as well as she has stood out as co -owner of Combat Americas, an organism with which she has sought to raise women's status in mixed martial arts (MMA).

In fine, this multifaceted artist has managed to move in different land and not even the pandemic has been able to stop it.On the contrary, she has managed to take advantage of the confinement in which many were for months, to protect themselves from the infection of COVID-19.

Taking as an office its own residence in Los Angeles, the protagonist of series such as “The Queen of the South” and “Ungovernable”, immersed himself in various projects and with the help of the zoom and other distance communication tools continued working and controlling his businesses.But one of the projects that today has it was born, it could be said, in front of the mirror of its huge closet, when it was reflected and realized that he needed to feel comfortable to work from home without having to look too informal during his meetingsof work through digital communication or their meetings with fans through their social networks.

Who was going to think that without being a designer and only based on the taste he has to dress and feel comfortable, from today he would begin his dream of having his own clothing line called KDC in collaboration with C'est Toi, a fashionable firm known amongThe public for their denim garments (jeans).


Kate del Castillo saca del clóset su nuevo reto, mientras se viste de ‘reina’ y disfruta de su presente

In a meeting via Zoom from Colombia, while recording the third season of the Queen of the South, Kate shared details of this new incursion as a fashion businesswoman in an attempt to please and embrace the femininity of her followers without compromising the comfort of thousands of thousands ofThey who have been in need to work remotely from their homes due to the pandemic and others that, although they leave home to work, want to feel comfortable, because although it seems lies the options to dress changed radically andThey adapted to a lifestyle in the house.

Apart from this launch, Kate has not stopped, even when a finger was recently operated, and other television projects are ready such as "Women's Weapons" that will debut on the Packock Streaming PlatformWhere he shares leaders together with Roselyn Sánchez, Jeimy Osorio and Sylvia Sáenz, where the Mexican gives life to Angela, wife of a accountant who works for a poster and fortuitous leader of a group of women who have gone from being carefree wives and whoThey live in luxurious houses, to use all weapons at their fingertips just to survive.

In addition, the daughter of the first actor Eric del Castillo and owner of her own tequila called Honor, shares her point of view on the meaning that celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, Nick Jonas, Kendall Jenner and Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson has their own Tequila brand, which apparently promoted record growth where last year there was a mark of 60 million production gallons, 800% more than two decades ago as shown by an article by Los Angeles Times.

Finally, Kate shared with Los Angeles Times in Spanish his reaction to the Mexican Constitutional Hearing in which it will be defined whether or not in the demand against the Government of Mexico or whether or not there was a violation of human rights for institutional violence by institutional violence bypart of some officials of the then government of Enrique Peña Nieto.In 2017, Del Castillo sued the then PGR for alleged persecution and violation of his rights when he was investigated and for feeling pursued by the authorities of the Peña Nieto administration, so she remained in the United States without being able to step on Mexican soil.


Of this and much more, the star of "Bad Boys for Life", "The same moon", "Los 33", "K11", "No Good Deed", "Trade" and "Owners of Paradise", among others sharesWith our publication from Colombia in this video.


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