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Lauren Hutton: "The good thing about making you older is that you always say what you think"

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Lauren Hutton lleva abrigo 'oversize' de cachemir, tipo 'chesterfield', de DUNHILL y camisa de DOLCE & GABBANA.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Refusing in round to fix the teeth is just a gesture of the many who have defined the unique character of Lauren Hutton, a model that has made its beauty the secondary protagonist in a lifestyle marked by a wild childhood.

Elsa Fernández-Santos

Lauren Hutton has traveled from his home in Venice, in Los Angeles, to New Mexico to spend thanksgiving day.After several days dizzy the partridge with the schedules, the veteran model finally responds to the call on a Friday at nine in the morning.It is, as defined by her agent, an Old School woman and technology does not go too much with her.The old school would also be worth euphemism to define a woman who basically does and says what he wants.Hutton, the American model who best represented the most natural and relaxed elegance, was always free, but today (he turned 78 in November), he lives without fear of almost anything."It's another of the good things to make you older, you always say what you think," he says.

Lauren Hutton, with Chanel silk crackpie.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Fear will be one of the topics that will arise in the conversation, which starts with a detail as empathic as it is uncommon in telephone interviews.With the naturalness that always characterized the model, and occasional actress, asks the journalist to spell her name to correctly go to her and, incidentally, talk about etymology.In the background the beep of a teapot is heard while she delights with the details of her last trip to Polynesia to practice diversism.“I forgot everything bad after navigating with three friends who were responsible for watching, because the area was full of sharks and I had to swim surrounded by them, hundreds, whole walls of shark.It was wonderful to swim again, read and spend time with my lover, my assistant and another good friend.It made me forget all of the above ".

La actriz lleva americana cruzada de cuadros de MANGO, camisa de algodón y pantalón caqui, ambos de DOLCE & GABBANA y zapatos ‘vintage’.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Lauren Hutton: «Lo bueno de hacerte mayor es que dices siempre lo que piensas»

Hutton started diving in 1965.Between laughs he assures that, like so many times, it was for something as prosaic as going behind a boy."The fundamental thing about a man is his readings and his desire to travel," he says, "and that boy liked it a lot.We went to Cozumel to dive, without a license or knowledge.There I discovered an experience of so much beauty that has been a passion for life ”.From its beginnings it behaved as a different model.In one of his first covers they erased his main hallmark, his separate pallets, which was about to correct when his agency recommended that his first salary be spent on the dentist.He did not and became a banner of a natural beauty, a pioneer that also has been defending the appeal of old age years."On my trips I have seen women so beautiful and elegant 80 years old who do not go to the hairdresser or make up.".For her old age is above all a security source.“You know how to act correctly, you learn to deal with adversities and protect yourself so that they do not hurt you.The blows stop worrying ".When talking about the obsession with youth, he admits that it is difficult for him to look at friends who no longer recognize and “have ceased to be real”.“When I started being a model, my companions spent three hours makeup, they were the same as the Kardashian but with a better pleasure.I didn't endure it, but I needed to work to help my family and travel, the only thing that obsessed me.When you travel you return with the eyes in your eyes, you look differently, and that makes you pretty ”.

Lauren Hutton, with gray double button and wide flap coat in Giorgio Armani wool.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

After starring American Gigoló, Paul Schrader's classic who discovered Richard Gere in 1980, Hutton became a Hollywood face, although that world was never taken very seriously and that was transluked in a relaxed and completely own style.I remember seeing her on the 2006 Oscar red carpet with a Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo, a white cotton shirt and one of those multicolored wayu bags.When I ask him for that moment he confirms that in a way it was a declaration of intentions."I've always tried to bring things to my land.For me there is nothing more ugly than ostentation and money.I think it is better to mix the expensive clothes with something that does not cost so much.Is more human, more real and prettier.Now people have become ads, but the style is to bring fashion to your land ”.He assures that he is still faithful to the jeans and the shirts and that his referents are the aviator Amelia Earhart, Tarzan - "and no Jane" - and "our little Greta [Thunberg]".“Thanks to her we have remembered an important word: hope.Anyone who reads, travel or has half a gram of brain knows what we face in our precious and destroyed planet.There are too much people with too much money that only think about how to flee from the planet when there is nothing left ”.She has seen face to face with lions, but if you had to choose an animal would be the leopard.Remember how life changed him when his stepfather appeared and at a time of adversity he found a new family among crocodiles: “My mother fell in love with him and a week they had already married.He had no money and our life changed suddenly, I raised very little.We went to live in Florida near a swamp where there were snakes and caimanes.There I discovered the old swamp hunters, men who no longer exist ”.It had not yet become one of the most iconic models of the twentieth century, but the seed of its nonconformism was already there.

The actress, with fendi white skin gabardine.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Hutton has a American wool ‘vintage’;Cashmir and Sports Pants Sweatshirt in Kashmir, both from Max Mara, and ‘Vintage’ Sneakers.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

La actriz, con el abrigo 101801 de MAX MARA y camisa de algodón de DOLCE & GABBANA.Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

* Styling: Bernat Busy.Model: Lauren Hutton (IMG Models).Makeup and hairdresser: Roberto Morelli (Link Management).Manicure: Jolene Brodeur (The Wall Group).Set design: Ryan Glennan.Local production: Emily Ullrich and Justin Wilson.Digital Technician: Hope Christerson.Photography attendees: Gala Harpaz, Justin Loy and Ricky Steel.Styling Assistant: Paloma Bagu.

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