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The world today: main information from The Associated Press

Wednesday, January 26, 2022




USA Delivery written response to Russia about Ukraine: does not yield

The Fed plans to raise the rates in the US soon to stop inflation

Hondurans fear that political crisis affects new government

Judge of the US Supreme Court will withdraw;Biden would nominate a black woman

He declares himself guilty man with an anti -Semitic sweater assault on the US Capitol

Russia vaccine to children underone2 toone7 years;Increase cases





Washington - Secretary of State Antony Blinken says that the US and NATO did not give up the Russian demands on Ukraine, in a written response delivered to Moscow.Among concerns that Moscow plans to invade Ukraine, Russia had previously warned that it will take "quick reprisal measures" if the US and its allies reject their security demands and continue their "aggressive" policies.By Vladimir Isachenkov and Matthew Lee.one.110 words.AP Photo.UPDATED.


Washington - the efforts of US President Joe Biden to raise support before a possible Russian invasion to Ukraine tests his ability to put aside the gaps of political ideologies and create a balance between interests that are opposed in order to build an allianceeffective against a common enemy.By Aamer Madhani and Zeke Miller.610 words.AP Photo.SENT.

AMN-INM Florida-Nafragio

Miami - The US Coast Guard recovers a corpse in the sea and continues to look for another 38 disappeared people off the coast of Florida, after its ship caught in the midst of bad weather.The agency said none wore life jackets and suspects a migrant smuggling operation.By Adriana Gómez Licón.550 words.AP Photo.SENT.

Asi-Gen Coronavirus-China

Beijing - Repeated COVID -19 detection tests that millions of residents in Beijing must pass the patience of some, while the city takes drastic measures against the coronavirus on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games.By Ken Moritsugu.490 words.AP Photo.SENT.


CORONAVIRUS-OMS: weekly cases beaten record since the beginning of pandemic, says the WHO

Coronavirus-Nordic: Sweden prolongs restrictions, but Denmark will withdraw them

Coronavirus-Austria: Austria will suspend isolation of non-vaccinated residents

CORONAVIRUS-RUSIA: Russia vaccine to children underone2 toone7 years;Increase cases



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Rep-Gen Mexico-Rounds

PUEBLO COMACHUÉN - En Comachuén, una comunidad indígena purépecha de unosone0.000 inhabitants nestled at the top of the mountains of pines of the Mexican state of Michoacán, all survive thanks to the money that migrants who work in the US.Those shipments, known as remittances, allowed families to eat when the sale of wood fell dramatically.one255 palabras.SENT



Mexico-Rounds-Importance: Remittances to Mexico exceed 50.000 million dollars


Without origin - scientists and health authorities worldwide have their eyes on a descendant of the omicron variant that has been found in at least 40 countries, including the US.This version, which scientists call BA.2, it is considered more furtive than the original omicron because its genetic features make it a little more difficult to detect.Some scientists fear that it can also be more contagious.For Laura Ungar.930 words.AP Photo.SENT.

DEP-OLI BEIJING 2008 vs 2022

Without origin - in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games promised greater openness and better human rights in China.For the winter Olympics of 2022, this conversation shines for its absence.The games that begin in just over a week are a reminder of China's rise, but also of their disdain for civic freedoms, which led to a diplomatic boycott led by the USA.By Stephen Wade.one.200 words.AP Photo.SENT.

ESP-GNA Spain-Carantoñas-photogalería

Acehuche - After being canceled in 2021 due to the increase in cases of Coronavirus, the “Las Carantoñas” festival returns to Acehuche, a small town in the western region of Extremadura in Spain, with its traditional attire of wild animals and processions.By Bernat Armangé.366 words.AP Photo.SENT.




AMC-GEN HONDURAS-legislative crisis

Tegucigalpa - Hondurans are expectant and hopeful before the arrival of the elected president Xiomara Castro.However, the Central American country was still caught in a legislative crisis that could make it difficult for the new leftist leader to begin to immediately address the most pressing problems of the nation, after lending an oath on January 27.By Sonia Pérez.671 words.AP Photos.SENT.

AMS-GEN Chile-Amnesty

SANTIAGO - INTENDED BY THE PRESIDENT ELECTO GABRIEL BORIC, a senatorial commission approves bill to release dozens of prisoners arrested within the framework of a social revuela at the end of 2019 and now must be processed in the plenary senate, although its approval is uncertain.By Eva Vergara.548 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Caracas - With little or no assistance of people in the electoral centers, the 4.2 million signatures collection process begins to activate an eventual recall referendum against President Nicolás Maduro.By Shaylim Valderrama.571 words.AP Photos.UPDATED.


Lima - Peru reports a second oil spill in the Pacific, which would have occurred on the eve, in front of a refinery administered by the Spanish Repsol.The amount of crude spilled on one of the richest seas in biodiversity in the world is not known.By Franklin Briceño.370 words.AP Photo.SENT.

Amn-Gen Haiti-President murdered

Miami - A Federal Judge of Miami accesses the request for a suspect key in the murder of the president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse, and resolves to postpone for at least 30 days his audiences.By Gisela Salomon.485 words. ConAP Photo.SENT.





Washington - Liberal Judge Stephen Breyer will retire, which will give President Joe Biden a vacancy in the US Supreme Court who promised to fill by appointing the first black woman.By Mark Sherman and Michael Balsamo.550 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Without origin - the Fed indicates that it plans to raise its reference interest rate, even in March, to stop inflation in the US.It is a key step to reverse its low -rates policies of the pandemic era, which promoted hiring and growth, but at the expense of increasing inflation, at its highest level in 40 years.By Christopher Rugaber.340 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Without origin - a man who had a sweater with the words "Camp Auschwitz" while participating in the assault at the headquarters of the US Congress last year is declared guilty of participating in the disorders.Robert Keith Packer's photos with that anti -Semitic sweater became viral after the revolt of January 6, 2021.By Michael Kunzelman.325 words.AP Photo.SENT.




EUR-INM Spain-migrants

MADRID — Los servicios de emergencia de las Islas Canarias rescatan a 319 personas, incluyendo 59 mujeres y 24 niños, de siete embarcaciones distintas que trataban de llegar a la costa del archipiélago español, mientras un grupo activista dice que al menosone8 migrantes fallecieron en el mar.By Aritz Parra.420 words.AP Photo.SENT.


London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson waits for the conclusions of an investigation of allegations of festivities of the quarantine, a document that could help you end weeks of scandal and public discomfort or put an abrupt end to your permanence as a boss of government.By Jill Lawless.360 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Rome - The Vatican strongly defends the trajectory of Pope Benedict XVI in the fight against the sexual abuse of the clergy after an independent report highlighted his misconduct of four cases of abuse when he was archbishop of Munich.Warns against "easy emissaries and hasty trials".By Nicole Winfield.580 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Papa-Rodilla: The Pope suffers an inflammation of knee ligaments, causing pain

AMN-MED Guinea worm

ATLANTA — Los casos de gusano de Guinea caen a apenasone4 en todo el mundo, como resultado de años de campañas de salud pública para mejorar el acceso al agua potable en África.Guinea's worm can grow inside people who drink water that is not potable. Los gusanos llegan a crecer hastaone metro de largo antes de salir dolorosamente de la piel.By Alex Sanz and Russ Bynum.340 words.AP Photo.SENT.


LONDRES — El fabricante de chips Intel se anota una decisiva victoria ante los reguladores antimonopolio de la Unión Europea, luego de que un tribunal se retracta y anula la multa deone.000 million euros imposed more than a decade ago.300 words.AP Photo.SENT.

UN-GEN UN-Holocaust conmemoration

New York - The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, condemns the rise of anti -Semitism during a service in memory of the victims of the Nazi holocaust, and urges people around the world to “stand firm against hatred and intolerance in anyplace and everywhere ".By Edith m.Lederer.520 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Anti-Semitic Italy: Investigate alleged anti-Semitic attack on Child in Italy




Ten Australia

Melbourne-Daniil Medvedev traces a two-set deficit and a game ball to beat Felix Auger-Aliassime in a five-partial marathon to advance to the semifinals of the Australian Open.The Russian will face the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, reediting his duel in the same instance last year.By John Pye.800 words.AP Photos.SENT.


Geneva - FIFA President Gianni Infantino thinks that his plan to perform the World Cup every two years could stimulate the inhabitants of Africa not to risk their lives crossing the sea to seek refuge in the countries of Europe.By Graham Dunbar.400 words.AP Photo.SENT.


Shows and culture


Swiss-Picasso-Nft ESP-Art

GINEBRA - Los herederos de Pablo Picasso, el famoso artista español del siglo XX, se lanzan al comercio del siglo XXI al venderone.010 pieces of digital art of one of his ceramic works that had never been exhibited to the public, following a fashion by the “cryptographic” assets that have taken the world of art and finance assault.By Jamey Keaten.550 words.AP Photo.SENT.


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