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The Leonor and Sofia princesses met again in a real event: they had months without seeing

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At the end of August, Princess Leonor, heiress to the throne of Spain, started to study high school in the prestigious UWC Atlantic, a school in Wales.

His life inside is a mystery, but he returned home for an important event where he tried to spend the longest time with his parents and sister.We have the photos!

Why did Princess Leonor return?

Although the studies are important, the firstborn of King Felipe should not forget his work as Royal, such as attending the Princess of Asturias awards, which are awards for honor the scientific, technical, cultural, social, social and human work.

On October 21, the four members of Spanish royalty, gathered at the Palacio de Congresos Príncipe de Oviedo to see the traditional concert prior to the awards and that is where we saw Leonor wearing a pink dress and low shoes nude tone tone.

Although we could not see their smiles due to the regulatory covers, the princesses were happy to be together again and tried to walk together every time they could.

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As is tradition, royalty must be responsible for giving such awards;However, it was not known with certainty if Leonor would attend, because she had lacked various events for study issues.

Both took suitable outfits for the concert and also for the Asturias Princess Awards hearing, held at the Hotel de la Reconquista, located in the same way in the city of Oviedo in Spain.

Leonor Porto A gray dress with cut to the knees, shoulder pads and fit at the waist, in addition to the same nude shoes and a semi -pick -up hairstyle of the tips.

How long will Princess Leonor be with her family?

Finishing the days of celebration for the award, Leonor could return to his luxurious school and again, he will be far from his beloved sister and his parents.Possibly return to Christmas holidays.There is no doubt that he has not lost the style and we carry that they characterize it!

Soon he will return to his student life and forget his duties as a princess for a while, since it must be remembered that in his school, he is one more student who is treated the same as others.Too bad we could not see any demonstration of affection among the monarchs!

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