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The cheap women's decathlon jacket that goes for everything: from clothing to sports

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  • The French chain opts for a garment that brings comfort and style in equal parts

    Por Diego Sánchez Aguado

    For a long time, there has been a popular belief that wearing sports clothes and dressing differently were incompatible aspects. However, for years until today, the sweatsuit has become a daily garment for many, and it is that, more and more, fashion gives us the possibility to wear sports without losing style.

    That's why certain trends have focused on a type of garment that allows us to be comfortable to engage in any kind of physical activity but without giving up a look that draws attention. And today, we can find luxury garments in the most urban sector due to the rise of brands like Adidas or Jordan.

    Hiking, an increasingly common activity

    But you Don't always need to pull your wallet to dress those clothes that bring us style and comfort in equal parts. And in Decathlon they let us know. The French chain is very familiar with all kinds of garments related to mountaineering, hiking and derivatives.

    La barata chaqueta del Decathlon de mujer que vale para todo: desde vestir hasta para hacer deporte

    And on this occasion, attention is drawn to a women's trekking jacket, prepared precisely to develop this type of activity. This is the Trek 100 model, a woman's quilted jacket prepared to withstand temperatures of up to-5 degrees, which makes it a more than feasible option by this time of year.

    The model, available in four colors, stands out for the lightness that makes it easier to carry out any route, without losing the ability to maintain body temperature. This factor is assisted by a closed hood that prevents the cold from entering by any touch of the garment.

    Its composition opts for respect for the environment, as its materials are made up of 70% recycled polyester, in search of a more sustainable development by the textile industry. Another of its great virtues is versatility, since in addition to being suitable for physical activity, its discrete design makes it an option to perform day-to-day activities.

    A useful garment both for running in the rain and for going to buy bread or walk your dog, available in Decathlon for 34.99 euros. One of those clothes for everything that, over the years, you end up wondering how long it took you to acquire.

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