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The most comfortable sneakers to walk on vacation: Adidas, Nike, Skechers, Asics and more

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If on our summer vacations we plan to visit a big city, go on an excursion or go to a theme park we know that we will have to walk, walk and walk.Therefore, it is important to equip ourselves with good footwear that offers us comfort and perspiration so that our feet do not reside.

The shoes, especially those that have been designed to run or practice hiking, are the most appropriate to carry out all these summer activities.They are designed to gently hold their foot, they are light, flexible and cushion each tread.

From the buyer of the avant -garde we have selected 12 models for men and women from ‘top’ brands such as: Adidas, Columbia, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Skechers, Asics or Puma.In addition, you will all find them with great discounts on Amazon.


44% discount (save 24.01 euros)

Adidas Duramo Sneakers

Adidas shoes have great quality that you can have a great price today.For 30.99 euros you will have a shoes to run, practice sports in the gym or to walk and walk on your vacation.

It is a very comfortable, light and breathable model so that you can put them throughout the summer without your feet shrinking.

Comprar por 30,99 € en Amazon

20% discount (you save 10.95 euros)

Nike Revolution 5

This is a model designed for running, but you can also carry down the street and you will look good with any outfit you choose.

This is the Nike Revolution 5 model, some sneakers with fresh fabric and sole with a lot of damping.In addition, you can get them at a very economical price.

Comprar por 43,95 € en Amazon

20% discount (you save 10.05 euros)

Asics Jolt 3

Asics Jolt 3 are very modern running shoes that offer a lot of stability and the appropriate amount of damping.In addition to running, these shoes will help you walk long distances with great comfort.

Las zapatillas más cómodas para andar en vacaciones: Adidas, Nike, Skechers, Asics y más

Its light mesh is very soft, breathable, and offers great adjustment and a sense of comfort.Flytefoam's entemps combined with the classic gel cushion provides an ideal basis for the foot to be very comfortable.

Comprar por 39,95 € en Amazon

30% discount (you save 19.67 euros)

Skechers Skech-Air Dynamight

If the Skechers footwear brand is known for something, it is to make very comfortable models to offer maximum comfort to the feet that suffer from pain or other problems.

If this is your case we propose the Skech-Air Dynamight model, light, breathable shoes, which hold their foot softly without tightening anywhere.

Comprar por 45,28 € en Amazon

30% discount (save 20.01 euros)

Nike Tanjun

This Nike brand model owes its name to the Japanese word "simplicity" and, although they have a sober design, they are shoes made to run or walk is very comfortable.

The Nike Tanjun, which you can get today with a 30%savings, have a upper part made of breathable fabric and the foam sole makes them a very light shoe.

Comprar por 45,99 € en Amazon

45% discount (save 54.10 euros)

Columbia Montrail F.K.T

These shoes are made to run long distances on irregular land, but they will also be your best companions to make long walks, whatever the land you step on.

They have a seamless textile upper part with welded overlaps for greater durability, breathability and support.In addition, its mesh sock and its secondary laces structure provide more adjustment and support.Sneakers that offer maximum comfort, perspiration at the foot and that you can have today with a 45% discount.

Comprar por 65,89 € en Amazon


45% discount (save 36.05 euros)

ASICS GEL-Excite 8

If on your vacation you will have to kick long distances by asphalted sites or without asphalting this model you go as a ring to the finger.This ASICS model has a very light, soft and breathable mesh.In addition, today you will have them with a saving of 36 euros.

Heel construction offers great adjustment and, therefore, an optimal feeling of comfort.Entresuela amphoam, along with gel cushioning, provides an ideal basis for running or walking all day.

Comprar por 43,95 € en Amazon

20% discount (save 10.10 euros)

Skechers Graceful Get Connected

The Skechers brand is known for making comfortable footwear designed for those who have pain or feet problems, because they adapt perfectly without tightening anywhere.

If this summer you want shoes that keep your foot fresh and offer maximum comfort, you must choose this Graceful Connected model.A sports type model, but made of elastic fabric to offer perspiration and hold the foot with comfort.

Comprar por 39,85 € en Amazon

63% discount (save 40.73 euros)

Reebok Classic Nylon

These shoes are a classic that returns and relives for its great versatility and comfort.The Classic Nylon model has a very retro design that is combined with superior comfort.In addition, you can be sure that they will always be a trend.

In addition, today you will have them with a surprising 63% discount.

Comprar por 24,27 € en Amazon

38% discount (save 34.50 euros)

Columbia Vent Aero

It doesn't matter if your vacation are in full nature or kicking the asphalt of a city, when the heat squeezes, proper footwear is required.The Columbia brand has the perfect solution with this shoe.

Vent steel is a very breathable, light model and their sock -type adjustment design makes them very comfortable to carry.In addition, they are very elegant and versatile.A footwear that will allow you to walk and walk on any land.

Comprar por 55,49 € en Amazon

42% discount (save 34.99 euros)

Puma X-Ray Lite Metallic

If you want comfort and trend you must choose this Puma model.The X-ray are shoes with a large sole that makes you grow a few centimeters, this model is pure white and with very beautiful metal details.

In addition, they are very light and have a template with memory that makes them very comfortable to carry.

Comprar por 34,99 € en Amazon

32% discount (save 41.46 euros)

New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo

This model for women are shoes specially designed for runners, since to make them the brand has been based on real ‘runners’ information.But in addition to running, they offer you total comfort to hit you good walks.

They stand out for its soft and superligera fresh foam sole that has a laser engraving that improves damping.It is also important its Hypoknit mesh cladding that is breathable and, in addition, it holds and adapts to the foot to offer extra comfort.

Today you can get them more than 40 euros.

Comprar por 88,54 € en Amazon

* Updated prices on August 2, 2021

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