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The tallest woman in the world said that her legs are more than a meter: "I hate hitting my head"

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Rentsenkhorloo Bud, or better known simply as Ren, is the tallest woman in the world. Although she was born in Mongolia, she has been living in the city of Chicago, United States for several years.

In an interview, she said that both parents are tall (both are just a few centimeters over 180), but Ren's height is considerably higher to the point that her parents look short if they stand next to him. she.

Currently, she is proud of that feature that makes her unique, but it took time for her to accept her appearance, she told the Daily Mail.

She is 2.10 meters tall, a height that earned her the title of the tallest woman in the world, surpassing her predecessor, Elisany Silva da Cruz, a young Brazilian who is 2.06 meters tall. At just 29, Ren herself confesses that she has a hard time finding "nice clothes" and that she often "hits her head on door frames."

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The woman is 2.10 meters tall and lives in Chicago, United States

work as a model

"I like to wear shorts and high heels, they make my legs look longer. I love them and I think they make me prettier," Ren told local media. "Doors are too short for me. I hate hitting my head on doors!" she complained.

La mujer más alta del mundo contó que sus piernas miden más de un metro:

Another of the difficulties that she must face due to her height is in terms of clothing. Finding a garment of her size in a store on the street is almost impossible. "I can't buy clothes, I try to do it online," she said.

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"When I was in first grade I was 168cm tall, the same as my teacher. I was very young and wanted nice clothes but couldn't find any," she recalled. However, she stated that she had never been bullied because of her height, but that it was difficult for her to have a "positive vision" in relation to her height.

"My shoes are US size 13 (size 44/46) and you can't find any shoes like that in Asia, not even in Mongolia or Korea. I've tried shopping in America the times I've been here, but I couldn't get clothes. I just I try to buy some clothes online," said the woman, who now lives in Chicago, United States.

The model commented that she does not usually get clothes or shoes

She accepted her height and she is happier

"In the last 15 years I started to like my height. Now I'm comfortable with my body and my long legs feel great. I started working with a brand that makes clothes for tall girls. Being tall is beautiful and makes me unique regarding other people," concluded Ren, the tallest woman in the world.

Although her height is surprising, Rentsenkhorloo 'Ren' Bud is not the woman with the longest legs in the world, a title currently held by Texan Maci Currin, with just a few tenths more. But 'Red' has surpassed by just two centimeters Ekaterina Lisina from Russia, owner of the title until a few years ago.

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