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These are the 5 black tennis in trend 2020

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Los tenis negros entran en tendencia con una serie de propuestas que escapan del estilo deportivo. Llévalos con una falda, pantalón de mezclilla o short.

Por Milagro UrquietaEstos son los 5 tenis negros en tendencia 2020 Estos son los 5 tenis negros en tendencia 2020

Let's welcome black tennis.They have complement the classic White Tennis that became so fashionable in recent months among celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez or Hailey Baldwin.Like the latter, black tennis goes beyond being a sports ally.Rather, they leave in the background the heels or low platform shoes to combine with tailor costumes, short dresses of boho stylism, with jeans, denim or corduroy, as well as with shorts with fringes at the edges.

Black tennis are presented in many ways, for all tastes, seasons and outfits accessories.Choose the one that features you the most with you and make this basic piece a partner of each of your adventures.Immediately, some of the black tennis that set a trend in 2020:

Las deportivas:

They are the classic tennis, those that you take to the gym or the days when you go out to the nearest park of your home or office.They are necessary for the closet of every woman who travels, who likes adrenaline and nature.Its platform, internal containment and round tip make it the most comfortable footwear of any collection.You can also take it to the streetstyle with pitillo pants, boho -style shorts with fringes at the edges or even with a neutral colors skirt.Black sporting tennis mark the trend in 2020, on the already known whites.They are from those friends who never fail.

Las más femeninas:

Estos son los 5 tenis negros en tendencia 2020

Tennis have ceased to be a footwear that we use only in the sports field.For some time, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez have made them a partner to show off with more sophisticated or elegant outfits like a dress.In fact, let's not forget that Hailey Baldwin chose some tennis to dazzle with her second wedding dress at the wedding with Justin Bieber.Now, we will see that the trend returns and includes a bright texture at the black edges, followed by a somewhat lower platform sole and a detail that finishes: a black ribbon -shaped pin that gives a different turnwhat has already been seen.

Tipo ballerina:

Yes, these black tennis will be your favorites to combine with a dress with ethnic or floral prints, with baggy pants or with a midi skirt.Black Black Tennis have arrived to stay, in a matte accent and with more intense edges on the sides will be infallible in your closet if you want to highlight and feel the greatest comfort at every step that you give.

Las tobilleras:

Futuristic style, these black tennis are perfect to wear with high pants or to walk on any surface at home.As if it were a loot, use them with casual or more sports pieces, without losing the style.Its platform and round tip will make you not suffer from any pain of standing and live the experience of wearing black tennis to the fullest.

Con estampados:

Yes, black tennis do not have to be boring (much less).This alternative can wake up your creative and bohemian spirit to combine them with denim pants, long and high skirts with rhinestones, black pants and white blouse or a much more casual piece to be home like an integer of cotton in cotton in pastel.Black tennis now also go with light and fun prints, as well as crocodile skin textures as part of a more elegant proposal.

How do you prefer to take them?

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