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They demand respect and security to “deliver” in Paseo Bravo

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Women who sell online, popularly known as "nenis", clarified that they are not ambulants and only use the Paseo Bravo to deliver their products, for which they demand authorities respect, security and guarantees to work, after the apparent arbitrary detention of theYoung Leslie Alcántara Lazcano, accused of drug trafficking while selling socks.

A young woman named AranzSocial networks as a form of self -employment.

He explained that she is dedicated to the sale of cosmetics and shoes, business for which she generates weekly income of up to 1,500 pesos that are enough to recover her investment and buy new products to sell.

“I announce the products on Facebook and people contact me via Inbox (private message), if they are interested we stay at some point to deliver, I always prefer to stay in Paseo Bravo or the Zocalo, since they are points of many people, it iscentral and is in view of all, ”he said.

Aranza said that through its page or from your Facebook account it informs about the days you will deliver products and schedules, with the aim of being able to gather two or three people and worth the trip.He pointed out that he is many times contacted by men, but prefers not to respond for security.

He indicated that it is necessary that the authorities generate safe public spaces, so that the “nenis” can make their deliveries.Although he acknowledged that there are already establishments that offer their spaces to expect customers, they are not very busy due to lack of advertising.

They require security

Exigen respeto y seguridad para hacer “entregas” en Paseo Bravo

Ivonne said that for two years she has been selling clothes and footwear through social networks, as it is a way of making a living.

He indicated that the business is convenient because he only dedicates from three to five hours, three days a week to make his deliveries on the Paseo Bravo or in other public spaces

He questions whether he has been a victim of harassment by the Personal of the City of Puebla, said he has not had problems, because his products quickly deliver, but he did report cases where authorities have tried to intimidate or threaten other girls to take away their products.

“It seems bad to me that they want to take away things, because one tries to make a living, I feel that we do not do any evil, it is a way to survive and take our family forward, maybe it is not much we can sell,But as is the situation, you really have to be looking for it, and it makes me bad vibes that the government or the police itself harass you or scarce when you are not doing anything wrong, ”he reproached.

He acknowledged that there are young people who will not only deliver, but on the same Paseo BravA bad "fame" is created.

Ivonne acknowledged that he never knows if delivering a product to a customer will be "safe", because most women trust that they are "serious" people, so they always choose to quote customers in crowded places, with the objectivethat if something bad happens, I can ask for help, although he said that he also asks for the number to talk to them and check that the person who contacted her is real.

“In the delivery you play it, you never know if it is safe or not;there are times that do not come, sometimes that yes.According to the Internet you were talking to a woman and it turns out that she is a man, but you always have to be alert and mention them in public places, and the authorities do not see it that way, they should support us generating safe spaces, ”he emphasized.

Reduces presence in Paseo Bravo

After the arrest of the young Leslie Alcántara over the weekend, the Paseo Bravo, located in the 11 South and Avenida Reforma, known for being a point of deliveries, now looks with very little presence of people who are dedicated to selling products online.

On a tour of this Wednesday afternoon, it was found that there were no town hall personnel either carrying out supervisions as happened on Tuesday, January 25 to inhibit the presence of the "Nenis".

Through social networks it was denounced that the staff of the Ministry of the Interior had restricted the space and did not let products, since it is “prohibited” to sell on public roads.

City Hall could regulate them

In this regard, the head of the Ministry of the Municipal Interior (Segom), Jorge Cruz Lepe, opened the possibility of regularizing the people who sell online.

In an interview, he commented that he would only allow deliveries on the Paseo Bravo, but in case they get to settle as outdoors they could withdraw their merchandise.

"Indeed in Paseo Bravo, the organization of women who deliver, but also because of the fact of delivering, they can then carry more merchandise and end up being another informal merchant within a park that is regulated," he claimed.

He indicated that the dynamics of deliveries on public roads have increased considerably, since Covid-19 pandemic forced people to lookregulated.

Cruz Lepe commented that from the City of Puebla they will try to find a formal representation with women, in order to generate dialogue and set conditions through which they can work.

"Many of them bring their backpack and stand standing on the Paseo Bravo, and it would be absurddeliver only your product and do not pass from there, "he emphasized.

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