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This is the new brand where the girls with the most roll on Instagram will buy their blouses, dresses and jackets

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Open Instagram, search for the profile of the TOP girls (and with the most beautiful wardrobes in the world), open their latest look, have a crush (or several) and click on the tags, to see what brand each garment is. And so every day. Does it ring a bell? Well, if the answer is yes, if you're one of those who always wonders: 'where do influencers buy?'... Keep an eye out for this new signing because you're going to love it. Above all, if among your favorites are the couple formed by María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo and we are talking about Himba, the new clothing brand created by this young couple and which, of course, we predict will become the new obession of the girls with the most rollazo (and followers) of Instagram.

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Esta es la nueva marca donde comprarán sus blusas, vestidos y chaquetas las chicas con más rollazo de Instagram

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Come on, they've already conquered us...

The reasons? Three, specifically.

The first. Because it is inspired by the vintage garments of yesteryear and that so much represent María's style. They stand out retro cuts, bright prints and psychedelic colors but, above all, super feminine designs that will make "every girl who wears them feel beautiful", explain María and Tomás.

The second. Because the collections are super exclusive and limited, which makes them even more special. In addition, they are designed and manufactured in Spain and with the best quality fabrics.

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