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An issue that worries me: why do women's clothes have no pockets or are they fake?

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You may never have thought about it or you may take the fact that women's outfits almost never have pockets so much for granted, that you haven't stopped to think about the reason. Thus forcing us to have to be accompanied by a bag or some element to carry the keys, the mobile, the purse... Looking for women's clothing with real pockets, the tiny ones or those that are simply decorative do not count, can be a search a bit desperate. For this reason, it does not surprise us that the funny video that the singer @Hebontheweb has released on this subject does not stop receiving visits and comments from users who, in addition to enjoying the clip and laughing, also feel identified. But this is not just a humorous video, behind it there is a great initiative, a movement that claims the disappearance of the genre when it comes to dressing. It is about the #Meripocket movement that is headed with a simple reflection: why don't women's clothes have real pockets? Pockets = Equality. This movement aims to empower women by affirming the importance of pockets in women's clothing.

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The origin: Women's fashion during World War II

Although this movement is more recent, the hashtag '#WeWantPockets' began on Twitter years ago. This theme accumulates thousands of messages from angry women or women who make humor their best weapon, through memes and reflections. But why do many women's pants have fake pockets and when did this start to happen? In another age, women were completely dependent on men. They needed a husband, father or brother, to be able to carry money and other valuables, therefore, the use of pockets in their clothing was considered expendable. However, with World War II, women began to fill jobs that until then had only been assigned to men while they were fighting on the front lines. And this meant for women the use of masculine uniforms or a more practical type of clothing. Pockets were normalized in clothing, until the war ended and fashion became ultra-feminized: tight, tight silhouettes and, with it, the disappearance once again of the pocket in women's clothing.

Currently, there are many fashion firms that, little by little, become brands without gender, unisex or with great feminine usability, but it is still difficult to find pockets in women's clothing for several reasons, among many others: pockets , sometimes, represent an impediment when inserting them into tight garments, they affect the line of the garments. Another problem is the large scale production, a small alteration to include a pocket supposes a very high additional cost, and in the 'fast fashion' industry that cannot be allowed. On the other hand, it is still generalized stating that all women prefer to carry a bag rather than a pocket. Today's fashion is changing, combining fashion with functionality. Hopefully in a couple of years the hashtag '#WeWantPockets' won't make any sense.

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