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What are the garments that most contaminate and how to take advantage of them to reduce their impact

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Synthetic skin

Although it sounds like a good idea to replace the use of animal skins, the truth is that not everything that shines is gold and the manufacture of these substitute materials have a negative environmental impact, since our planet is not prepared to absorb the residues ofSynthetic hair manufacturing.

These types of garments not only produce greenhouse emissions, they are also made with plastic, artificial fibers such as polyester and oil derived materials, such as fertilizers, dyes and other chemicals.

Cuáles son las prendas que más contaminan y cómo aprovecharlas para reducir su impacto

Tip G: To minimize your environmental footprint, always opt for a second -hand.Also, dare to try to prickly pearl, a Mexican and unique alternative to implement new materials in your closet.

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Wedding dresses

These garments are true jewels, but their preparation is as detailed and sublime as (unfortunately) polluting.To produce these works of art, very polluting processes are used in the textile industry, with excessive water consumption and a great emission of toxic, among other things;Not to mention that it is only used once.It is not about satanizing or prohibiting the wedding dress, but sustainable solutions must be found to prevent these garments from contaminating the environment

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