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What color of clothing is used in New Year?

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There are many New Year's Cabalas that people put into practice in their homes during the celebration of the "old night", but the dress plays a fundamental role in these beliefs.Next, the meaning of some colors:

White suit, from head to toe

The white color represents, in essence, peace.It is recommended to dress in a new white year as a symbol of a request for tranquility, harmony and a way of solidarity with chaos around the world.

That all people seen in New Year's White represents interest in a more fair, quiet and equitable planet in opportunities.Catholic religious also ensure that it is the color that represents the values of their beliefs.

In addition, they are usually parties in which the temperature is very high (in Argentina it is summer and there have been celebrations of the old night with up to 36º temperature), so fresh, loose and clear garments also have an advantage in comfortwho takes them on.

Show a "Total White" dress brings for some women a dilemma: you have to be tanned to achieve a contrast between skin and dress.It is advisable not to expose itself to the sun at inadequate and unprotected schedules.A good option is to use an autoncenting spray that does not damage the skin and allow you to wear the chosen garment much better.

New New Year's Gold Touch

As is known by many, El Dorado represents economic prosperity and money.Associated with wealth, gold, and the crown of King Midas himself, El Dorado is a classic in this aspect and it is very clear for what is invoked in a dress.

¿Qué color de ropa se usa en año nuevo?

In general, people do not dress from head to toe in this color, but adhere to their total look a "gold touch", which can be a chain or any other accessory that has a certain prominence.

Hairstyle ornaments such as buckles, headdresses or small crowns are also an option.However, there are many people who oppose the use of gold from color symbology.

And it is that in a way it points to material wealth, and a tangible value.While many people consider that it is necessaryfruits.

And the silver?How to use it in New Year's clothes

And finally, a very traditional and used color color is the silver.Represents the party, glamor, future and technology.

Naturally it is associated with silver color with the modern, with tomorrow.So it makes a lot of sense to use it on the eve of a new year that is about to begin.

It is suggested for those who decide to free to destiny what will bring next year 2020.The famous "art of not knowing" materializes in this color.And the fashion proposals in silver color are among the most beautiful and avant -garde.

Dresses, sandals, shirts, caps, shoes and accessories.The silver in all its forms comes to stay in this new year.Metallized or mirroped textures are also allowed and counted within symbology.

Of course: it must shine.The gray color in its natural state (which differs from silver color by not having the brightness and luminosity of this material), means and represents other things, much more depressing and negative than those that just described.

That is why elements such as sequins, bright canvases, gas horn and other buffer and bright materials will make a difference.

For those who cannot be decided: white + gold + silver

A combination that is only accepted in New Year: use the three colors together.A white base with accessories and silver and gold details can be amazed to say goodbye to 2019.

It is necessary not to abuse the surfaces that have each color, especially gold and silver (white combines well with everything and always looks chord).

The important thing is to feel comfortable, faithful to their own values and beliefs, and wearing something that makes the person feel good when the mirror looks.The true transmission of messages and desires for the universe goes through the heart, and it has little to do with clothing.

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