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What is Genderless fashion and what are the best brands to join her?

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STIQUOSI GUIDE There is something that becomes more and more fashion is the binary gender conception.Why would clothes have to remain male or female?

By Natalia Silva

According to recent surveys at least 56% of the millennial generation and 50% of centennials consider that the binary ideas of the genre are outdated and obsolete.But beyond the numbers, we can frequently see these generations enjoying the freedom to express who they are, and that is the LGBTQ+ pride that we celebrate this month.Through fashion, each person can and should be shown as it is, in a free and creative way, that is why the genderless proposal ('without gender', in Spanish) is of the utmost importance today.

What is Genderless fashion exactly?

It consists of creations of clothing that are designed so that they can look perfectly all kinds of person (regardless of their sex and gender identity).Before we called him ‘unisex’, but today we know him as Genderless fashion and is characterized by having full freedom and inviting people to dress with all ceativity according to his personality and preferences.

As a result, today we can see men who look spectacular with a skirt or dress, also women who are fabulous in androgynous or ties with ties.

Today we know that gender is a fluid concept that moves through the male-femenine spectrum.And beyond one day you will put a shirt and tie and the other skirt, we can see how many characters and celebrities exploit this freedom to create really memorable looks: for example Prince, Tilda Swinton, David Bowie or Annie Hall (the character that Diane Keaton playedin the seventies, but that somehow permeated his style in the American actress).

What needs fashion without gender to evolve?

¿Qué es la moda genderless y cuáles son las mejores marcas para sumarte a ella?

Thus, according to the constructions of femininity and masculinity they change and are more and more diluted, it is logical.And even those pieces that today we tagged as ‘unisex’ and that are really only oversized silhouettes in neutral colors.It would be necessary to recognize that anyone can use the cut, color, print, texture or silhouette that is of their liking.

A good change could start with retailers, which traditionally separate the sections of ‘lady’ and ‘gentleman’ and perhaps separate style, occasion of use, pledge category, etc..

Another area of opportunity is the fashion parades, which have already progressed a bit in terms of transgender or non -binary representation, one of the most recent examples was Mugler's parade for spring/ summer 2021, which included in the cast model@sTrans like Hunter Schafer or Dominique Jackson.

Genderless clothing brands you must know

While there is much to advance, today, there are many brands that do not focus on a single genre, here we present some:


Telfar's pieces not only seduce our green eye for being made with vegan leather, but have also stood out for neglecting the idea that bags are a single gender piece.

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Cold Laundry

A Fashion Brand Genderless London, of minimalist style, in which you will find basic that you can leave with some accessories or makeup;or stay in the neutral and head-to-to of a single tone.

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My palma

This Mexican Streetwear brand has a fun proposal for Hoodies, Pants, T -shirts and accessories that not only breaks the gender barrier but also have children's pieces.

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This is one of the genderless clothing brands carries sustainability as a cane, with recycled and organic cotton pieces, dyed with natural dyes such as fruits or algae.Pangaia has options for all kinds, especially in Loungewear.

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