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A baby is born at 26 weeks and challenges the probabilities of survival

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When Forrest Jean Coburn Gardiner was born at 26 weeks, he had no nails of his feet or his eyes and his eyes were almost even formed.

At that time, he only had a 40% survival possibilities and spent 118 days in three different hospitals, fighting multiple potentially mortal conditions.There they have inserted artificial veins through the palms of the hands and feet to the heart because their veins did not adapt.Even now, at 18 months, Forrest still wears baby clothes from three to six months.


Un bebé nace a las 26 semanas y desafía a las probabilidades de supervivencia

Now. casi todos los que la conocen la llaman Pulgarcita. Su madre, Abbey Coburn, describe a Forrest como una "niña divertida y muy descarada que ha desafiado las probabilidades de supervivencia de los médicos".

And despite the warnings that it is possible that he never walk, Forrest has recently taken his first steps, a feat that had been unimaginable a year ago.

The mother had to give birth to Forrest with only 26 weeks, due to her preeclampsia condition, a complication of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, more frequently the liver and kidneys.Generally, preeclampsia begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in women whose blood pressure had been normal.

The baby survived

The mother says that "before the cesárea doctors said that there was a 60% chance that she did not survive, she was preparing for her funeral before she was born"

"I woke up without knowing if I had survived.I was so out of himself that I couldn't see her until she turned 16 because she was very sick.The surgeon said 'we just saved your life, if we had not given birth to the baby at that time, you would have dead, "he adds.

Como Baby Forrest nació con 26 semanas de anticipación, la mantuvieron en lo que Abbey describe como una bolsa de plástico para proteger su piel transparente".

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