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Economic news rewards the 100 best ideas of the year

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El Mundo's economic supplement recognizes with these awards the most innovative proposals in each sector.

Economic news, in collaboration with CaixaBank, he has awarded this morning the awards at the 100 best ideas of the year in an act that took place at Beatriz Madrid.

The 100 best ideas are a recognition of the most innovative initiatives in each sector, which allow to accelerate the growth rate of companies, as well as improve the employment creation index.Companies have made the technological revolution their engine to overcome the crisis derived from pandemic.Sustainability, health and education monopolize the main effort of the industry to innovate in this edition.

Francisco Rosell, director of El Mundo, together with Martí Saballs, deputy director of the newspaper, have been in charge of receiving the winners, to whom Rosell thanked his "innovative will and the entrepreneurial task developed to carry out their proposals".In his speech, Rosell has stated that "it is not enough.

In this sense, the director of El Mundo has valued the entrepreneurial work of all the winners and thanked his courage for applying the philosophical concept "Power to the act" to imagine, create and specify: "You are the yeast that will ferment progress andSpanish development, contributing to correct that old prejudice, happily paid, but not eradicated, of that provocation of Miguel de Unamuno: 'Invent them' ".

In the food and drinking sector, the winners of this edition have been Telepizza, for their Las Veguis product line, three pizzas and nuggets made with 100% plant origin ingredients;Ecological Gerber snacks for babies, baked with whole grains, fruits and vegetables;Fresh and pesticides of Agromediterranean, and the natural kefir with danone's bifidus, a 100% natural dairy drink that is marketed in a 420 grams container.

The planning project projects to combine in one place all the data have been chosen in the connectivity section next to the smart beacon Help Flash Smart of Netun Solutions, which allows drivers to automatically contact emergency or emergency services with emergency services orof road assistance in case of accident or fault;Samsung that, in collaboration with the Luzón Foundation, has incorporated an innovative application to write through the eyes, and Massecillo for its technology to adapt any phone to the use of the elderly to the use of the elderly..

En la categoría de Estilo de Vida han sido reconocidas las mascarillas para usar con gafas de BSafe, que cuentan con una eficacia de filtración bacteriana del 99% y un innovador sistema que reduce significativamente el empañamiento; la plancha de vapor que quita el virus de la ropa de B&B Trends, especialmente práctica en los comercios textiles; el paraguas Carballo, con un diseño prolongable pensado para poder ser utilizado simultáneamente tanto por un adulto como por un niño, y la consultora inmobiliaria CBRE, que ha creado Tubetable, una mesa de trabajo portátil fabricada en cartón reciclable, resistente y muy fácil de montar y transportar.

Finance and insurance

Economic news has also recognized the best novelties in the field of finance and insurance, in which Senior Tech have highlighted, for the jubilant service your home, which advises free of charge and through the use of technology to the elderly for the elderly forhis retirement;The Responsible and Sustainable Finance Center of Spain, Finalsp, which is dedicated to the dissemination and awareness of the financial industry with the objective of promoting and promoting actions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, andThe Austrian origin neobroker Bitpanda, with the card he has launched in Spain by visa to pay in physical stores or websites with different currencies, cryptocurrencies, actions or even precious metals.

Likewise, the financing initiative for digital projects implemented by the Fintechrhythm to help entrepreneurs to climb their businesses and flexibility;The proposal for the Union of Real Estate Credits Credits.com, aimed at individuals and reform professionals, and the mobile collection system of the Polish company Softpos, which transforms all smartphones with Android operating system into point of sale terminals (TPV), capable of receiving payments throughNFC, cards or google pay.

EOI and Orange Lánzate have received the Prize in Training and Employment for a program based on the Sustainable Development Goals that is addressed to future entrepreneurs. En el mismo apartado, han recogido el galardón Deusto Business School y Repsol por su proyecto de reskilling y upskilling para que los empleados de Repsol puedan reactualizar sus dotes comerciales según los criterios ambientales, sociales y de gobernanza exigidos en esta época de transformación energética; el método Sapientec, que presta atención psicológica a los jóvenes, al tiempo que los estimula cognitivamente con sistemas y hábitos a partir de la teoría de las inteligencias múltiples de Howard Gardner, y ESIC Business & Marketing School y su plataforma audiovisual ESIC Play, especializada en management, márketing y tecnología.

Actualidad Económica premia las 100 Mejores Ideas del Año

Microsoft and LinkedIn have combined formative forces and platforms to favor an improvement of technological skills and the employability of Spaniards.Therefore, they have also been recognized, in addition to the Reset program launched by TheCube to enhance new business ideas and strategies among the main executives of the corporations, and Accenture Foundation and its Fondaula initiative, a free training platform and for allaudiences about new technologies and tools.

Likewise, Amazon Web Services have been awarded by the AWS RE/START Labor Training and Training Program, aimed at unemployed students and minorities;Ing and its new Flexible EWork model, which allows the template itself to choose whether it works from home or from the office, and Grupo Adecco with #mobilization by the employment, a support program and an online training platform with more than 70 proposals.

Industry 4.0

The companies that have triumphed in the area of industry 4.0 have also had their space at the gala.Tecnoseñal has been one of those selected by its smart furniture for commercial, technical, corporate or domestic use, in addition to AJAV.NEO, a robot designed to facilitate the deactivation of explosives with a pioneer variable geometry system that allows it to increase or reduce its width to adapt to all kinds of situations, and sensingic, by the set of Penn Connected solutions, which automates the control ofStore cooling equipment, food industries or sanitary spaces.

The manufacturer of Gestamp automotive components has launched a project that aspires to create the first Spanish smart factory with 5G and, therefore, has been another of the winners, in addition to Almirall and its proposal for drug drying;The plant that Henkel has in Montornés del Vallés (Barcelona), which has already incorporated the digital technology Line Health;the Vordoni Platform of Aragon Labs to get anonymous and transparent elections;the calibrate tool developed by CBRE to measure the influx of people in certain areas;The Everis Engineering food traceability solution, which records the life of products in a private network from its creation until the end of its value chain, and Kombert, for the initiative used by the Internet of Things, biometric identification,Artificial intelligence or blockchain to monitor health and home safety of chronic or elderly patients who live alone.

Another of the award -winning firms has been Smartick, which uses the latest technological advances in its program to help the little ones to learn to read.They have also raised the Securitas Security Award Spain, by the Risk Prediction tool, which collects all the information collected by the company's security systems and adds other data obtained from external sources;Amazon Web Services, for the Amazon Healthlake service, which groups and organizes the data of an organization in Silos, centralizes them in a Data Lake and normalizes them automatically by using Machine Learning, and the constellation of Nanosatelites created by 5G SateliotTo provide global connectivity and continue to everything connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, in the category of advertising and marketing the winners have been Telepizza and their action with aroma diffusers in 10 different areas of Madrid;Danone, for the announcement blank that starred the pop wizard;SEO/BirdLife and Ecoembes with the #Noingons and Mámascarillas initiative, framed in the Liberia project, to raise public awareness of the importance of keeping the environment clean;Cantabria Labs, for the campaign with Rafa Nadal of the Heliocare sunscreen;The Spanish Realcanina and her proposal to raise awareness among Spaniards of not leaving puppies during pandemic, and Cooking Chorizo, an idea of the Spanish chorizo consortium designed to internationally spread the potential of this product on social networks on social networks.

SMEs and 'Start Up' have also had their space with the recognition of AEFI, for their proposal to enhance female talent in Fintech and Insutech ecosystems;to the new restaurant concept developed by Dynam Eat, which mixes dynamic prices with a digital letter adapted to the day and time to improve customer experience;to the commitment of First Work Places, for a Space As a Service model similar to that of hotels and with all kinds of services included, and NK5 and Ayo Foundation, for their initiative to improve the employability of young people at risk of exclusion with ayear of professional mentoring, training, coworking and access to soft loans up to 50.000 euros.

RSC and volunteer

Henkel Ibérica has launched a global and local solidarity program in the face of the effects of the COVID pandemic that has made it a prize in the RSC and Volunteering category.The plan includes the donation of five million units of personal hygiene products and the introduction of modifications to its factories to produce disinfectants and donate them.The Telefónica Foundation was also awarded, for its campaign for the template to transform its food checks into food for the most needy;the visa project to introduce a series of solutions with which SMEs drive their sales through digital payments;Coca-Cola Iberia and its meetings will all go to help the emotional recovery of the people most affected by the health crisis, and Viva Aquaservice Spain, who has donated more than one million liters of water in an unlimited way to meet the needs of thehealth personnel and covid patients admitted to 259 hospital centers throughout Spain.

In the same way, Mahou San Miguel has received the award for the initiative now more than ever, than during the toughest moments of confinement he launched to unite the hoteliers with their clients;The Freeenow platform, for its collaboration with the Community of Madrid to guarantee the transfers of health personnel to the homes of the patients of Coronavirus, and the Oliva Carbonell Oil brand, which brought together 30 famous chefers and more than 200 volunteers to prepareone.000 solidarity dinners on last Christmas Eve.

In addition, the work of the Residences Group for Senior Amavir has been recognized, which, under strict security measures, gathered testimonies from all its centers so that society could have a faithful image of what was happening during the worst months of the pandemic;From the Adecco Foundation with the proposal we are in contact to accompany people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness during confinement;of the Piñero Group, which offered stays disinterested in its establishment of Bay Prince Coral Playwomen and act against sexist violence.

In the health area, Casfid Technological Services has been one of those selected by its digital access control system, which allows to trace possible cases of COVID.Together with her, the Sothis company, by Thermal Vision System, received a tool that measures body temperature through a thermographic chamber and an artificial vision system;Sham, from the Reyyens group, which has created two solutions designed to reinforce security against possible cyber attacks in hospitals, and the Prosegur Genzai Covid project to get coronavirus free work spaces using artificial intelligence and big data.

The DUCTFIT system, by Human Wellness Solutions, purifies the air and eliminates 99.99% of the viruses present in the environment and the surfaces of any place, so it has been done with the recognition of the jury in the same section, in addition, in additionof the smart masks of LG Electronics, which allow to breathe clean air thanks to a technology that eliminates 97.3% of viruses and 93% of the bacteria present in the environment;of the Aerobox portable insulation system created by Vithas to treat patients in any space and minimize the propagation of air particles of any virus, and the app to clean Samsung's Hand Wash hands, designed to remind users that users that users that users that users that users that users that users thatIt is convenient that you have your hands and advise how to do it.


En el área de Sustainability se ha elegido la casa geosolar de carbono positivo creada por el Grupo Index Madrid; la iniciativa de la compañía Stripe para crear un gran mercado de eliminación del carbono; el proyecto puesto en marcha por P&G y Carrefour junto a la ONG Paisaje Limpio con el objetivo de animar a los españoles a escoger sus tres parajes naturales favoritos para que fueran objeto de una limpieza intensiva por parte de voluntarios; Amazon y su propuesta Climate Pledge Friendly para proteger el medio ambiente reduciendo la huella de carbono y apostando por embalajes con un menor impacto, y el plan de la Fundación Global Hub for the Common Good para hacer de España un país líder en sostenibilidad e innovación.

Likewise, the startupbulb, dedicated to promoting small -scale renewable projects with the objective of supporting the development of rural areas, providing transparency on the origin of energy and fighting against climatic emergency;SEO/BirdLife and Ecoembes, for their alliance to eliminate river waste through the Libera project;Pascual, which is committed to designing containers with little environmental impact and 100% recyclable bottles and caring for the environment;The circular economy complex that Iberdrola has launched in Puebla de Guzmán (Huelva), where renewable energies, vertebration of the territory and protection of biodiversity are combined, and the H2Sarea project, with which North pursues the objective of injecting hydrogen inNatural gas distribution networks.

A total of 14 initiatives were awarded in the category dedicated to digital transformation: the Madrid Capital Capital Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC), which integrates 100 entities with the aim of placing the capital in the avant -garde of technological disruptions;the specialized platform compared and hiring Packlink parcel shipments;The 100% virtual footwear testers of My Feeting Room;The Aotech Security Solutions Remotechox Remotechebox class kit;the consultant S4G Consulting for her technology to loyalty partners, and ruralist, who has developed a methodology that tries to guarantee the value of rustic farms.

In addition, the jury also selected Solara Spain, by contactless workshop, which allows remote repair budgets;Sumauto, for your project to hold virtual fairs;Edreams Odigeo, for its tool for consumer analysis based on artificial intelligence;the new system created by ENAIRE (National Air Navigation Manager) that allows aerial controllers to communicate with each other and with the pilots through VoIP digital technology;Astund Commerce's proposal to facilitate product customization and improve user experience, and Cofidis hub, which favors the launch of innovative ideas for the digital economy.

Aire Networks has launched digital work space, a solution that allows any company to operate safely, regardless of its size or income, and that has made it worthy of the award next to the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum and its guided toursOnline, born during confinement and consolidated as an interesting tool that complements face -to -face visits.

Finally, the idea by transport and mobility of Bipi, which allows to drive a flexible remuneration vehicle with all the expenses included in the monthly fee and with the possibility of changing car every six months;The charging points and battery change at the Martín Ingenieros service stations so that large -tonnage electric trucks can follow their route;The new Midas City workshops, with maintenance for all mobility options currently in cities, and the Bergé company, which offers customs and fiscal guidance to companies that operate in the United Kingdom to mitigate the impact and effects of their departure from their departure fromthe European Union.

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