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Apps you can wear in Mexico to sell used clothes

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In recent months, with the economic crisis that has been presented for many people, there was a considerable increase in digital apps that aim to sell and buy products and services, better known as e-commerce.Among the new platforms, some have the sale of used clothing, but as many are, here we tell you what are the apps that you can use in Mexico to market second -hand garments.

It is worth mentioning that when using these digital applications for the sale of recycled garments, it is likely that better your personal finances in case you choose to market the clothes that you do not wear, in addition to that you support to keep the environment of the planet in good condition, contributingto reduce the production of new clothing.

Apps you can wear in Mexico to sell used clothes

one.- EBAY

This app was created in 2002, and it is one of the most sales worldwide.Your method consists in marketing garments used in the auction type or fixed price mode.You have the option to offer up to 20 products at no cost or make the payment of a monthly amount with what you could publish up to 250 articles.In relation to shipments, you have to make them your.

2.- Greatndier

The Getrendier digital platform, which is cataloged as Start Up, started in 20one6 in countries like Mexico and Colombia.In addition, it currently has 3.5 million users.

Apps you can wear in Mexico to sell used clothes

The National Getrendier Manager told some media that during the four years that have been working since their creation, they came to sell one million garments and due to the Covid-one9 Pandemia, the sales of the 2020 cycle were 900 thousand, whatwhich meant that the results obtained from 20one6 to 20one9 were similar to those of 2020.

This application works as follows: you upload the clothes you want to sell in a time less than one minute, but before you must register.At the time you sell, you send it by Estafeta.The time it takes to reach the buyer, is approximately 48 hours.

3.- Second hand

In this apps it is from the Schibsted Classified group, and you can buy garments, cars or houses.It is worth mentioning that over time, he modified his name to Vibbo, but in Mexico he continues with his original name.Second hand was valued at 582 billion pesos in 20one9 and it is estimated to double its value by 2024.

4.- Wallapop

In this apps you will find diverse products and you can choose your seller at a distance.Wallapop has its shipping line and its own currencies, also offering a pro version that aims to give better visibility to the articles you upload.

5.- Amazon Seller

This used clothing application has a very good reputation in the market, in addition to being number one on online sales.Its design is very attractive to users.

6.- Vinned

Within the Vinned application, there are 34 million users marketing used clothes.But he has the disadvantage that orders to Mexico take a bit, because their headquarters are in Spain.They have a motto that says: ‘sell what you don't put without paying commission”.

In relation to the guarantees it grants, they may be beneficial for the buyer, such as receiving the total cost of the article.

Finally when you want to perform a commercial operating online of used clothing, check the following points that could help you.

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