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The baby Tadeo was buried again for ‘second time’ this Sunday goes up the suburban train;This will cost the #Video Trip Subject assaults Pharmacy and only asks for "one thousand pesos"

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Mexico.- The body of the baby Tadeo that had been stolen clandestinely from the San Nicolás Tolentino pantheon in Iztapalapa was again buried this Sunday by his family in a pantheon other than the city.

After being found in a garbage boat from the PUEBLA prison, 17 days after having been buried by his parents, Tadeo had a last abode again.

La Fiscalía de Justicia de la Ciudad de Mexico aseguró que la familia recibió todo el acompañamiento de las autoridades y trascendió que un un acto privado el bebé volvió a ser enterrado este domingo.

In a private act and in different pantheon, the baby who had only reached three months of life returned to rest in peace.

They will give psychological support to the family

El bebé Tadeo volvió a ser sepultado por ‘segunda vez’ este domingo Sube el Tren Suburbano; esto costará el viaje #Video Sujeto asalta a farmacia y sólo pide “mil pesos”

La Fiscalía General de Justicia de la Ciudad de Mexico (FGJCDMX) refrendó su compromiso de brindar acompañamiento económico, jurídico, económico, psicológico y social a familiares del pequeño Tadeo.

"FGJCDMX provides accompaniment to a minor family, whose body was found in Puebla, and expands the investigation," he reported.

The Prosecutor's Office said that on Monday, ministerial personnel, experts and detectives of the Investigation Police (PDI) were transferred, carried out an inspection in the Santo Campo from which he was stolen.

Experts are still research

It was announced that the place staff were interviewed, with the objective of delving into the events that occurred - this, in support with the State Attorney General (FGE) of Puebla, whose prosecutor, Gilberto Higuera, said that it has already been identifiedTo the person who deposited the baby in the garbage container.

"It was noted that it retained all its organs in its place and that it presented a 7 -centimeter surgical wound with its original suture points.".

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