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Buy here the most practical, comfortable and safe bottles for your baby

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With regard to caring for your baby, all attention seem few.And, for your child you just want the best of the best.And if you already save time and desire for rest, much better.That is why there are a series of devices and devices that you will need, yes or yes, whether you are pregnant and if you just welcomed your first child.We talk about items such as the vigilabés that will allow you to rest while your baby sleeps, the favorite carts of the Spanish influencers, the thermos that seek the most demanding mothers or heat the best valued bottles of the market.

Yes, something as simple as having a special device to heat your baby's food will help you earn rest hours and ensure that the milk that your child takes is of the best quality.But, before teaching you the best valued models on the market, we will tell you everything you need to know about these devices.

Characteristics that we have taken into account when selecting these hot bottles:

The best 2021 calientabiberones

The most wanted bottle heats: Philips Avent SCF355

Buy on Amazon for € 34.99


In just 3 minutes, the SCF3555 SCF35 Shakes of Philips Avent.But also, it includes a function to defrost that is much safer than the microwave and faster than the tap.It is a model compatible with all bottle containers and children's food from Advent.

With European plug, this device has measures of 16.04 x 13.99 x 14.86 centimeters which, together with its simple white design, will allow you to fit it perfectly in the kitchen without occupying space or overloading.

Pros: It is very manageable and easy to use

Cons: only allows you to heat a bottle

A simple model for first -time moms who want a comfortable, economical and very practical alternative.

Heats Biberones and Nuk potes

Buy at Amazon from € 26.99


With a score of 4.5 stars over 5, awarded by the more than 2.500 users who have tried it, Nuk bottle heating is able to heat up to 120 milliliters in just 90 seconds.A very easy to use device, thanks to the basket that makes the bottle and extract very simple, as well as its integrated water dosing and its automatic disconnection system when you finish heat.It also incorporates a light indicator that turns on when it starts to heat and go out to let you know that the bottle is ready.

But in addition, this device also serves to heat potes, so you can extend its use.It is compatible with all existing bottles and potes and is very comfortable to transport and easy to save thanks to your size and its simple design.

Compra aquí el calienta biberones más práctico, cómodo y seguro para tu bebé

Pros: It is quite fast and compatible with potitos, so you can extend its use longer

Cons: only allows you to heat a bottle o potito cada vez

For the most practical mothers, who want to make the most of the accessories and utensils they buy.

Chicco digital bottle heats

Comprar en Amazon por (49,95€) 46,61€


With 12 different programs to choose from, Chicco digital bottle heats is a very good alternative if you are looking for a more versatile option.And, it allows you.According to the brand, in 4 minutes a 150 milliliter bottle will be ready to drink.

But in addition to fast, this device makes milk maintain all nutrients and vitamins, so necessary for the correct development of your baby.Its timer will allow you to program the heating one hour in advance and at intervals of 15 minutes, so as not to lose a minute.In addition, it includes a basket to manipulate bottles and potitos without burning and is compatible with the vast majority of market brands and models.

PROS: Allows programming and includes many more functions

Cons: it takes longer to heat and is much larger than the resot of models, although it only allows you to introduce a bottle

If you already know the schedules and taking of your baby and do not want to lose a second, this device will become your best ally.

Biberons heats easier to use

Buy on Amazon for € 24.99


Heyvalue bottle heats is recommended for those parents looking for a practical and functional but simple device.And, although this model does not allow to heat more than one bottle, it is an economic and quality alternative that, in addition, is able to reach the ideal temperature in just 3 minutes.In addition, it offers you 3 different heating modes (fast, normal or food) as well as a function to defrost and the possibility of sterizillating both bottles and other packaging by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

PROS: allows defrosting and sterilizing and has the ability to keep bottles up to 24 hours thanks to their constant temperature mode

Cons: only allows you to heat a bottle o alimento cada vez

The ideal option for moms who want to have the bottle ready at the time your baby starts crying.

The most affordable bottle heats: reer 3310

Buy on Amazon for € 14.99


For those looking for the most economical option, from Reer they have developed this heat bottle.A device that offers a very soft and homogeneous heating, through a bath for water, which will take between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on the food you want to prepare.Simple design, includes a thermostat in which you can select the type of food you are going to heat, to adapt to the ideal temperature.

Pros: It is one of the most affordable models, suitable for bottles, potes and jars

Cons: it takes something more to heat

The perfect model for those moms looking for an affordable option with which to prepare bottles, potes or other meals.

El calienta biberones multifunción mejor valorado

Buy on Amazon for € 49.99


In addition to having the ability to heat two bottles at the same time, this kyg device allows you to defrost your baby's milk or different meals, as well as sterilize bottles, containers and all its accessories.Settings that you can change from your screen with touch buttons, where you can also choose the desired temperature or schedule it to start working automatically with a margin of 1 to 24 hours.This screen will also show you the current food temperature and the final temperature you have selected.

As for its heating system, it does so progressively to ensure that milk retains all its properties.And, if you do not press the off button once the process is finished, the device will automatically enter heat conservation mode to keep the milk at the desired temperature.And, if it runs out of water, it will go out automatically for greater security.

Pros: allows you to defrost, sterilize and heat several bottles or containers at the same time

Cons: is one of the largest models, so it requires more space

One of the best models in terms of their value for money, perfect for moms looking for very complete options.

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What is a bottle heat?

It is a device specially designed for the bottle to reach the ideal temperature retaining all the properties and nutrients of breast milk, since it never boils.In addition, they are very practical if you have to prepare the bottles away from home or if you have several babies and want to have their food ready at the same time and in the most effective way.It is the healthiest alternative to microwave and will allow you to save much more than if you opt for the technique of the water bath.

What to take into account when buying a bottle heat?

If you are thinking of acquiring an apparatus of these characteristics but you are not very clear to decide, there are a number of points that you can take into account.Although, in short, the final decision will depend on your needs and the use you are going to give it.

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Why buy a bottle heat?

When a baby arrives home, time shines for its absence and sleep hours you can count on a single hand.Therefore, any device that helps you save time and facilitates day to day tasks, is welcome.And that is just what you will get with a hot bottle.

Types of heat bottle

  1. Eléctrico: son los más básicos y sencillos de usar. Generalmente, oslo disponen de una rueda con la que podrás seleccionar la temperatura y la función, sin más complicaciones.
  2. Digital: más avanzados, cuentan con una mayor variedad de programas y modos entre los que elegir y, en muchos casos, incluyen una pantalla desde la que podrás consultar la temperatura o los datos que desees. La mayoría permiten descongelar y calentar en diferentes valocidades y temperaturas según la cantidad de alimento que necesites preparar.
  3. Compacto o de viaje: se trata de modelos más pequeños diseñados para que puedas trasladarlos cómodamente, ya sea en tu bolso o maleta. Generalmente solo tienen capacidad para un único biberón, e incluyen un adaptador para conectarlo en el coche.

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How to correctly use a bottle heat?

One of the main objectives of this type of devices is to save you time and make your life easier, so it is not surprising that its operation is the simplest.You will only have to follow these steps:

  1. Con el aparato desenchufado, coloca el biberón en su interior y llena la abertura con agua, siguiendo las indicaciones de medidas que incluya el aparato para evitar que se desborde.
  2. A continuación, enchúfalo y selecciona la temperatura y el modo que desees, según la cantidad de leche o el tipo de alimento que desees preparar (según el modelo de calienta biberones, puede ser un potito o una bolsa de leche materna).
  3. Cuando la leche esté caliente (es probable que el aparato te avise a través de un sonido o una luz), retira el biberón y comprueba la temperatura poniendo unas gotas en el dorso de la mano. Estoe es un paso muy importante durante los primeros usos, hasta que encuentres los ajustes idóneos para conseguir la temperatura perfecta.
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