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How to get almost 900 wipes for less than 25 euros and other Dodot offers to start the week

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Although the January slope is the most famous in terms of expenses and return to routine, September is not far behind in terms of how hard it is to return to reality after enjoying the summer. Thus, although it is about to come to an end, there are still many who are adapting back to the routine. At this time of year, after enjoying the holidays, saving enters the minds of most. For this reason, there are many who are looking for the best offers to try to relieve the pocket. Those who have little ones who go to school will have already suffered the economic consequences of this return: new school supplies, books, clothes...

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But, if we talk about families with babies, expenses skyrocket! And not only because their arrival turns our house upside down, with the purchase of cots, high chairs, car or stroller seats, among others, but because, month after month, we have to invest in basic hygiene items that help us with their first months. Diapers and wipes are the protagonists in this sense and investing in them is inevitable, but where can we get them at a better price? This week, many of those signed by Dodot, are reduced on Amazon.

One of the most attractive is, without a doubt, the one that affects the wipes from the Activity range: for less than 24 euros you can take home 16 packs of 54 wipes, which adds up to a total of 864 units. Those of this line, for example, instantly help to recover the natural pH in delicate skin; its alcohol-free lotion helps prevent skin irritation; they effectively cleanse the skin thanks to their extra thick and smooth texture; and they are dermatologically tested to ensure that they have 0% phenoxyethanol, parabens and alcohol. And yes, it only costs three cents a piece!

But there is even more: several diaper kits are reduced by 20% so that for 50 euros you can take home the ones that best suit your baby. They are all from the Activity Pants line, perfect for children who are beginning to walk or do so with ease, because thanks to their flexible and quality materials they will adapt to all their movements. Thus, they are available in sizes 4, with 135 units; the size 5, with 120; and the size 6, with 111 diapers; And they all include a free pack of wipes!

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