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'Contemplare', the Amazon of monasteries

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The 'Contemplare' Foundation, which collaborates with 120 cloistered convents and monasteries in Spain to contribute to their support by seeking sales channels for their handcrafted products, begins the Christmas campaign with more than 100,000 boxes traveling throughout Spain and opens its first store Physics in Madrid.

According to the Foundation, there are many companies that have relied on monasteries and convents to order their Christmas baskets and institutional gifts, but also anyone can purchase the products made by the nuns and monks of Spain through the web ' fundacioncontemplare.org'.

The sale of these products is a direct aid to support the convents and the basic needs of the more than 9,000 contemplative monks and nuns in Spain.

'Contemplare', el Amazon de los monasterios

On the web you can find marzipan, shortbread, nougat, honey and jams, spirits and beers, cheese or milk, but not only food but also baby clothes, freeze-dried flowers, handicrafts and nativity scenes, cosmetics or soap to whiten clothes. The baskets can be bought ready-made or choose the products one by one.

In addition, the Contemplare Foundation has opened its first physical store, located at number 8 Anita Vindel Street, in Aravaca (Madrid), but it is not a typical store but rather the prelude to a monastery. The hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and it is open every day from Monday to Friday.

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