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Family Family How to teach a puppy to get used to strong noises like those of firecrackers how to teach a puppy to get used to strong noises like those of firecrackers

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In Christmas celebrations, especially the New Year's.Something that unfortunately for many dogs becomes hell for the discomfort and fear caused by the sound they generate.

Why does this happen?Dogs have an auditory capacity much superior to that of humans.They are able to perceive sounds at 40.000 hertzios while people only reach 20.000.His ears are so powerful that they hear imperceptible frequencies for us as the buzzing of a bulb or the beat of a baby inside his mother's gut and, by extension, they feel in a more intense way the noises that people perceive.

Therefore, the dog receives the noise of a rocket, a firecracker or fireworks in a very intense way and not only that, the animal does not understand that it is the sound of a celebration.For him it is something sudden and unexpected so that his survival instinct manifests himself and makes him run away or hide to protect himself.

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In the most severe cases, in addition, the dog can express other symptoms such as excessively barking, agitation and tremors, trying (which can become a serious problem if we are away from home and the dog gets it), panting and wanderingWithout stopping, not separating from owners, lack of appetite, vomiting, excessive salivation or diarrhea.

How can this fear or phobia be prevented from noise and firecrackers in puppies?The ideal is to work with them this possible problem during the socialization period, which goes from approximately the third week of life a week twelve.The fundamental thing is to prevent the puppy from associating these noises with negative experiences and gradually getting used to them.

One of the most common methods to get used to these noises is to use noise or fireworks recordings (very easy to get on the Internet and channels such as YouTube) and use, at the same time, edible awards or games.

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When the dog is distracted it is time to reproduce the sounds at a very low intensity.If the puppy is quiet and does not manifest fear we can progressively raise the intensity of the sound during the following days.

And in the case of the adult dog?

If the dog is already an adult and manifests this fear, it is also possible to help you regulate or minimize it.These are some tips:

- If we are on a date on which we know certainly that firecrackers will be exploited, such as December 31, it is convenient to be prevented.Go for a walk with the dog at the quieter hours of the day and always with a strap to prevent him from running.It is likely that due to the noise the dog will run and if it is not subject, it runs the risk of getting lost or suffering from an accident.A good option is to use a long strap to offer you freedom of movement while providing security.

- Do not leave the dog alone at home and try to be in a room as far away from noise as possible.Transmit security and if you ask for contact, give it to care.Never show anger, or scold him much less punish him so as not to worsen the situation.First of all patience.

- The previous days can create a ‘safe zone’.A corner of the house where the dog feels especially at ease with his toys to take refuge.It can be, for example, an open transport or a large box as a refuge.

- The caregiver must keep calm to show the dog that everything is going well, that it is a normal situation and that there is no reason to worry.

- Break the sound of firecrackers and fireworks by closing doors and windows and lowering blinds or throwing the curtains so that the flashes are either nervous either.

- Another good option is to turn on TV and radio or put music to hide the sound of firecrackers.Even the sound of the washing machine and dishwasher can help.On YouTube you can find various videos of peaceful sounds and music specially thought for dogs.There are even those who have composed special music to calm dogs.

- It is also possible to distract you with special smells or snacks.Use toys such as the Kong Food stuffed, chewable snacks, a bone or smell carpets will keep you entertaining (it will be more focused on the sense of taste and smell than in the auditory) and will provide a relaxing effect.It is important to give them before the dog can be altered with the noise so that it is concentrated in the pleasant.

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- In the market there are some products that can be useful.This is the case of Aptile, created from a natural feromone that helps reduce dog stress.Experts advise to start using it at least one week before the arrival of pyrotechnics.

There is also ‘soothing’ clothes or reassuring t -shirts, which use the benefits of techniques such as pressure therapy in the dog, which causes calming hormones such as endorphins and oxytocins to be released.

Can dog anxiety be treated with therapy to strong sounds?

All previous remedies are temporary solutions to address the problem at a specific time but can the dog get used to the noise of firecrackers?It is possible to put into practice the same recommended technique for puppies.Using fireworks sounds or firecrackers obtained on the Internet or our own recording, we will start the process by putting the audio very low to gradually increase it.Only when the dog manages to stay calm can be increasing the volume.

In this way, the dog's noise dog can be progressively disabled.However, a method like this requires time and must be done progressively with a view to the dog being prepared not to traumatize with strong noises when they are produced again.

In the event that the dog continues to manifest a lot.

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