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Free Chilean app allows business to be digitized in less than 5 minutes

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Publishing the products, seeing the stock, answering messages, coordinating shipments and payment methods can become a real headache, especially for small businesses, start-ups and even SMEs, since many of them still They do not have digital sales channels.

Given this need and with the aim of promoting the digital transformation and development of the country, ListaTienda was born, an application available on iOS and Android that allows you to create your own virtual store in less than 5 minutes, with the possibility of customizing it, adding shopping cart, associating digital payment methods and choosing the preferred means of delivery.

“We believe that, today more than ever, we must help Chilean businesses take the step towards digitization. That is why we created ListaTienda, an intuitive and accessible app that allows them to have their own online store in 5 minutes and from their cell phone, allowing them to increase their sales, optimizing time and resources", says Constanza Leiva, co-founder of ListaTienda. helping them through our app”, says Leiva.

Likewise, being aware that technology and digitization must be available to everyone, this app makes its “freemium” version available, with zero implementation cost and no sales commission. "We seek to grow day by day with Chilean entrepreneurs and businesses, therefore, this year, in addition to the alliances with Santander Work/(Café and Banco Estado, which allow us to help finance and/or formalize entrepreneurs, we also have as partners to Uber and Transbank, to facilitate the digital sales processes of our users”, concludes the executive.

How does the app work?

Free Chilean app allows business to be digitized in less 5 minutes

ListaTienda seeks to support all people who are interested in selling online and who lack digital knowledge. It is a tool that helps them to launch their business, through the creation of their own online store in a more orderly way, from their own website and in a way as simple as uploading a photo to social networks.

An important point, Leiva mentions, is that it is not necessary for end customers to download the application to buy, they just have to enter the link generated by ListaTienda and they will be able to buy directly in it. Without intermediaries, nor need to ask details such as price or stock that lengthen the purchase process.

Today they have the goal of contributing for free to 1,000 businesses, start-ups or SMEs, in just the first two weeks of its launch. For more information, enter here to create your free online store.

Additionally, in order to further promote business growth and thanks to their current alliances and those they have been managing, they offer a premium version, which allows counting and customizing a shopping cart, associating digital payment methods most popular and have the best means of dispatch. This premium version will be under a flexible monthly payment plan (just like Spotify or Netflix) and its cost will be only $7,900 per month.

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