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Get the basic products for your baby with these great Amazon offers

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Although having children can be a unique experience in life and totally worthy of any effort and sacrifice, we all know that it is not a decision that should be accompanied with a certain economic security behind.

To make all those fathers and mothers easier to do your baby and save to give some whims at the end of the month, from the avant -garde buyer we bring you a few products for the little ones who have large offers in great offers inAmazon.

Reduced 23% (you save € 14.59)

224 Dodot diapers savings pack

This is the absolute basic that cannot be missing in any house with babies.These diapers of the Dodot brand, which come in a monthly pack of 224 units, will be a great savings after weeks.

🍼 Although the same offer is active for several sizes, this concrete model is compatible for babies between 6 and 10kg, that is, from 3 months (being able to vary depending on the size of the child).

🍼 This product stands out, among other things, for its great absorption capacity and its optimal skin care, which will prevent babies from carrying the humidity attached to the body and can leave irritations.

🍼 To know more accurately how much a replacement is needed to our little one, we can check the diaper humidity indicator, which will change color when there is pee.

comprar en amazon por 49,40€

26% reduced (save € 9.32)

Pack savings of Ultra sensitive toallitas of Amazon (18 packages)

From the hand of the diapers, every mother father should always carry a package of wet wipes that make them easier to clean babies when they have made peep or poop and you have to change them.

🍼 To ensure that we will not have to invest again in this product during a long season and that we will buy it for the best price, this format savings of 18 packages with almost 10 euros discount is an unbeatable occasion.

🍼 These wipes have been designed for ultra sensitive skin to guarantee the best care of the little ones thanks to their 99.5 % of natural ingredients.

Hazte con los productos básicos para tu bebé con estas grandes ofertas de Amazon

🍼 In addition to this, we will give us great confidence and security to know that they have 0 % perfume, parabens and phenoxietanol and that they have been dermatologically tested under the control of specialist pediatricians.

comprar en amazon por 27,09€

28% reduced (save € 47)

Folding crib of travel Maxi-Cosi Iris

For all those families that have second residences, who must frequently throw grandparents dueOur little one.

🍼 This type of folding laptop of the Maxi-Cosi brand, a reference in these products, will allow us to install a bed for our baby anywhere.

🍼 We can use it from newborns until they have turned three thanks to their system at two levels.For older children, the mattBody so much.

🍼 In addition to the fact that it can be folded and set up with great ease, this type of travel cribcomfort.

comprar en amazon por 122€

Baby Security Barrier

To save ourselves forestry scares and accidents from babies and young children with the stairs, which often become our worst enemies, we have the option of putting such a protector to heal ourselves in health.

🍼 This fixed barrier in grid format will allow us to put it and remove it to taste when we need it.During the time when the baby sleeps we can have it openly open to pass freely from one place to another, but when the little ones crawl or explore the house during the day it will be as easy as extending and fixing it.

🍼 Thanks to their security block, no matter how ingenuity our pets or our children have, there will be no way that they can go out with their own and make fun of protection.

comprar en amazon por 64,59€

Reduced 15% (save € 12.90)

Surveillance Chamber with Night Vision and Temperature Sensor

Following the same goal of protecting our baby and having guarantees that it is fine at all times, we can take advantage of the current discounts on Amazon to get a surveillance chamber like this and be able to take a look when they sleep.

🍼 In addition to working with great precision and a very high image quality during the day thanks to its viewing angle of up to 110º, one of the most attractive points is that this model offers night vision, which will be ideal to monitor children for the night.

🍼 Also very interesting is your temperature sensor, which will allow us to know if it's cold or heat in the room where the baby is and if we better put more or less layers on top.

🍼 Another very important part is that this product has incorporated different melodies, which will make it perfect to distract babies while sleeping with a pleasant and tranquilizer sound.

comprar en amazon por 73,09€

32% reduced (save € 22.30)

English trona fast

To keep the little ones nearby when we are at a family meal or on a day of every day the kitchen or living room are very far from the child's bedroom, we have the option to install this small trona stuck to the table.

🍼 In addition to having the baby watched at all times in case he choks eating or if the pacifier has fallen, for example, this model will be especially comfortable.

🍼 Suitable for infants from 6 months, we can fold, store and transport this type of chair with great ease to use it where we need, be it at home, in a restaurant or in a hotel, for example.

comprar en amazon por 46,70 €

18% reduced (save € 7.75)

Bottle set, milk dosing, physiological pacifier and other accessories

Finally, to be fully prepared at the arrival of a new baby and have all the necessary elements to equip or give to a loved one, we can opt for this type of accessories sets.

🍼 Among the pieces, this game incorporates bottles of several measures with a round flow tetina with anti-paths, bottle with wide busty for porridge and purés, milk dosing, baby pacifier 2-4 months with silicone physiological tetinHang it from the Body or the little girl's clothes and portachupetes with capacity for two.

🍼 This same model is available both in pink and raw color or in a greenish tone, so it will be ideal for any baby regardless of parents' tastes.

comprar en amazon por 34,20€

* Updated prices on January 28, 2021

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