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How to avoid sweat spots on clothes? - Nius

By hollisterclothingoutlet 24/05/2022 582 Views

Sweat stains on clothing are very common, especially in the armpits. Although it is normal for Sudor to once manage the shirts, in most cases this situation generates complexes.

If the spots in the armpits are circular, first they are transparent and, subsequently, yellow, the cause will be sweat. This occurs because this body fluid leaves waste such as salt, fats and proteins in clothes. To avoid these spots, we give you some tricks.

1. Antitranspirants

Antitranspirators are a product that contains aluminum and serve to partially occlude the glands through which sweat comes out. They are sold in supermarkets and parapharmacies and are like a cream.


If an antitranspirant is applied in the armpits, the amount of sweat is reduced and the spots are avoided in the clothes. It is important to use an antitranspirant according to the type of skin we have and look at the composition well when buying it. This product should not be confused with deodorants, which only neutralize the smell of sweat.

2. Absorbent patches

This product is like a compress or circular gauze with adhesive. To wear it, you must stick inside the shirt, right in the armpits. These patches are formed by a fabric that absorbs sweat and avoids spots. They can be purchased in pharmacies and supermarkets.

3. Talc powders

Talc powders serve to absorb moisture. For this reason, people who sweat a lot can apply these powders in the armpits before dressing. With this product, sweat spots are avoided because this is absorbed. It can also be applied to the feet to prevent excess sweating. Good hydration

even though it seems backwards, if a person drinks more water he will sweat less. This occurs because water moisturizes and refrigerates the body. If enough water is drink, the organism generates more sweat to cool the body. To avoid this, it is recommended to drink between 1-3 liters of mineral water per day. A trick to calculate how many drinks drinks is to divide the body weight by seven.

5. Cleadar and cotton clothing

Wearing adequate clothing will also help avoid sweat stains. The Sisa is the part of union between the manga and the clothes of the torso, in the area of ​​the armpit. The baggy clothes and with the low Sisa will cause the tissue not to touch directly in the armpit or the body and stain less.

Another alternative is to wear an inner shirt under clothes. This must be composed 100% per cotton and will serve to absorb sweat spots and that it does not reach the outer shirt.


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