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How to clean oxidized garden tools with vinegar

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Vinegar is an ally of the home.Many use it only in the kitchen, as a salad dressing or some gourmet preparation but the truth is that vinegar has many other functions: it can be such a versatile ingredient that it is useful for making a homemade antioxidant mask with vinegar or cleaning oxidized toolsIncredible garden!

The vinegar to clean oxidized tools: an infallible ally

A time without giving use to the garden tools can cause them to oxidize but not to despair some vinegar is the solution!

By not using tools and utensils to work the garden it is possible that this affects its metal parts.Palas, scissors, rakes: These are things that are used but with some frequency and remain stored for some time without use.

Therefore, it is important to have a place to keep them without exposing them to rain, dirt and humidity, which are the main reasons for the oxidation of them.

Cómo limpiar herramientas de jardín oxidadas con vinagre

In addition, it is convenient, after using them, clean them.

By having direct contact with the earth, the plants with their sap and other substances that make up the plants, if they do not clean well that their useful life is much lower.

On the other hand, it is important to save them dry, in a space without moisture: fundamentally by the metal parts of the tools.

However, even if we have all these cares sometimes they oxidize and it is necessary to treat them with vinegar to return the lost brightness.

The fundamental thing is to do it with old clothing, cover and rubber gloves, to keep us safe while we do the job.

Vinegar treatment: Benefits of the compound based on acetic acid

Protected with cover -up and rubber gloves, we will prepare a mixture of vinegar with water in equal proportions.

We got a baby bath or some bowl large enough, long and deep to submerge, for example, a garden shovel and we soak all night.

The cleaning process will start immediately and act for about 12 hours or more.According to us that the water is getting dirty, and after that time, the tool must be removed from there and then, detach with the help of a virulana or a brush all the rest of oxide.

If the affected layers were not many, the tool will shine again and be useful thanks to the effect of acetic acid contained in the vinegar, a great cleaner for difficult surfaces! Did you already know these tricks?

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