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How to dress a baby at each station

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If you have just had a baby or you will have it, one of the things that worry you more throughout the year is to know the type of clothing to wear the little.There is no father or mother, especially when it comes to first -time, who does not think that the baby is too fragile how to endure the cold or endure heat, so we will review how to dress a baby at each season and with it,get out of doubt.

How to dress a baby at each station

With each change of season the doubts of mothers and fathers arise about the clothes that the baby should wear and although we know that some garments are essential, as is the case of the Bodis, we do not have to exaggerate and cover them too much in winter or neitherLeave them completely naked in summer, thinking it's too hot.

One of the main keys to know how to dress a baby at each station will bedress us.

Anyway, let's see some indications that will guide you better to know how to dress your baby depending on the station where we are.

In spring

How to dress a baby at each station

Spring is an uncertain season: sudden changes in temperature and sudden rains can put everyone's health at risk.Give.

In practice, the ideal is, as for everyone, take it with several layers so you can discover it in the hottest hours and avoid excessive sweating.

Also in spring he remembers that the child must stay fresh and comfortable.Let's look at some practical tips: Try to avoid synthetic garments that prevent perspiration thus increasing sweating.The best option is cotton or linen in the hottest moments.

In summer

Even in summer, on the days when thunderstorms can be just around the corner, layers with layers is the best option.However, it is also better to give priority to short -sleeved shirts or shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts.Do not forget in addition to putting a sparrow or hat that will protect your baby's face and head.A cotton sweater can be ideal if you fear in bad weather or when entering and leaving rooms with air conditioning.

As for short manga bodis or braces, our advice is to evaluate according to the day: with a warm and stable temperature they may not be necessary.Remember that they serve to protect from air blows and absorb sweat, in order to maintain a constant temperature between the body and the environment.As for the choice of tissues, clearly the ideal is always that it falls on natural tissues.

In autumn

The change of station, both in autumn and spring, brings with it the first temperature changes and the risk of the first diseases. In autumn, debes darle prioridad a la ropa de algodón cómoda y semicálida,mientras que para los días más fríos puedes optar por terciopelo o chenilla.Tejana clothes are an excellent option for this season and the hat is recommended on particularly hot days, to protect it from the sun and also in particularly cold, to protect it from the cold.

In winter

When the cold season approaches, if you worry that your child can get sick remember that it is always the sudden change of temperature that causes the first ailments, not the cold.Then, again in winter, dress them in layers is the best option, avoiding covering them too much: remember that children naturally have a higher body temperature than adults.

At home, depending on the temperature, you can choose a wool body as a warm cotton, with short or long sleeves;A Felpilla monkey and a couple of socks to heat his feet.If the fall is not very hot you can opt for an inner sweater too.

Finally, when you take your baby, make sure you have a good coat, hat and gloves to cover your hands.However, if you enter spaces with heating, remember to remove your coat and everything that can increase your body temperature too much.


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