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At a time of the year where more liquids are consumed, there is the possibility of innovating with the easily elaboration homemade flavored waters.They are a natural, economic and healthy alternative against sugary soda, without sugar or light, and industrialized or concentrated juices.

Almost all flavored water brands sold in the market have water and the aggregate of one or more chemical flavorings.However, the term "flavored water" is old.The general formula contains:

- Fruits (or vegetables, herbs, spices).

- Sugar (or syrup, stevia, honey).

- Cold water (or with ice).

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Homemade preparations, although they are good alternative to increase fluids, do not replace natural water consumption for hydration.

Its preparation is to combine fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices with cold water and let it rest for at least a few hours in the refrigerator so that fruits and vegetables infuse and collect greater taste.The flavored water of homemade elaboration is an infusion and not a juice, since it is only slightly added, just, to flavor.

The most recommended ingredients to flavor water are citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit, vitamin C sources and antioxidants.Vegetables such as cucumber and aromatic herbs such as mint, sage, basil, rosemary, coriander, thyme and ginger.

Ideally, avoid added sugars, since the fruit has its own sweet.

Some combinations to try at home:

- Water with cucumber and lemon.

- Water with lemon and mint.

- Water with lime or lemon and ginger.

- Water with watermelon and rosemary.

- Water with cucumber, fennel and rosemary.

- Water with strawberries, cucumbers and basils.

- Water with kiwi and mint.

The conservation of the flavored waters can vary depending on the ingredients, but on average, infusions with fruits must be consumed within two to four hours if they are left at room temperature and up to three days if they remain refrigerated.The more the fruits are exposed to water, the greater the flavor they will give.

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