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How to remove stains naturally with ingredients we have at home

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Remove difficult stains with lemon and bicarbonate

Either in an urgent case, in which your favorite garment seems unrecoverable, or if you want to reduce the use of chemicals in your washing, these tricks will help you know how to remove those difficult spots without spending a fortune.

Remove difficult stains with lemon and bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is excellent to remove spots from white or clear clothes.You can apply it on infusions and sweat spots to bleach the fabric, letting rest and rinse with warm water.By adding a little lemon, the effervescent effect caused by citric acid enhances its action.

Apply vinegar and salt for mold stains

If your garments were saved a lot of time, they are likely not only smell of moisture, but also small mold stains.Apply white vinegar and salt in equal parts to remove them.You can also mix the vinegar with bicarbonate for any other type of spot.The effect is similar to the one that occurs with lemon.

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Cómo quitar manchas de manera natural con ingredientes que tenemos en casa

Apply these homemade tricks with natural ingredients.

Cornstarch for wine spots

stains are the most difficult to remove.Mixture of cornstarch and lemon, and place it with a brush, rubbing the surface with a lot of patience.If you have the opportunity, apply white wine previously to clarify the stain.Then wash as usual.

Fruit and vegetable spots

Boil water in a pot and place the garment on top, trying that the stain be in contact with the steam to take it off the fabric.This trick will facilitate the subsequent work of washing.If in doing so the results are not expected, apply a little lemon and repeat washing.

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I reduced the use of chemicals in your washes

Apply salt to absorb spots quickly

Place salt on stains that have a certain thick consistency will help save time, since it will absorb much of these.Sauces, blood, fat or ink are just some.Always have it by hand to apply on clothing barely the stain occurs.

White wine and beer for fat spots

As we anticipated, white wine helps remove red wine, but it is also useful for fat.Beer is also excellent for this type of difficult spots.After applying and letting it act, wash the garment as usual.

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