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Jimena Barón showed the altar that she set up in her house to meditate and order her head

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Jimena Barón usually meditates daily in the comfort of her home, which she shares with her son Morrison , the fruit of her relationship with Daniel Osvaldo . The singer posted on her official Instagram account, which is followed by almost six million people, an image of the altar that she set up in her house to be able to carry out this practice.

"Good morning, here in the meditarium that I set up to start the days calmly, with an organized and clear head with myself and what I want to achieve," said the actress, showing a photograph of the altar that has a Buddha, photos of her father , candles, incense sticks, stamps, among other things.

Meditation has many health benefits for people. A recent study shows that meditating for a few minutes each day can be the first step in boosting defenses to help the body fight cancer and viruses like COVID-19. The research was published in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences.

On the other hand, the interpreter of La Cobra enjoyed a family vacation in Europe, after an intense year as a jury of the Academy. And, as is her custom, she published the funniest events of her travel diary through her social networks. However, after several days in Madrid, the actress and singer wondered in an Instagram story: “What's up in Spain? I feel like they don't even look at me...”.

So, with the humor that characterizes her, Jimena looked for the answer to her question. “What I imagine,” she wrote alongside a photo of her posing sexy in her underwear on her bed. "What they see", she put in a selfie that was taken in front of the reflection of a door, when she was walking through the streets of the Spanish capital with her son. And she was in charge of highlighting all the details that made nobody notice her.

Jimena Barón mostró el altar que armó en su casa para meditar y ordenar su cabeza

Thus, she Barón pointed with arrows at the “chinstrap”, which obviously prevents them from seeing a large part of her face and, especially, her smile. He also marked her "poncho", which protects her from the harsh European winter but does not allow her to show off her silhouette. He did not forget the "water bottle", which shows her in the less glamorous side of her. And, finally, he included the "contraceptive child", in reference to the little Momo who hugged her leg.

On another occasion, Jimena took the opportunity to share her resume in search of a candidate, after having received an evasion from a gentleman who had invited her for a drink and regretted it when he found out that she was with her little one. her. In it, the actress and singer warned that in May this year she turns 35 and that she has a 7-year-old son with whom she spends most of her time . She also referred to her economic situation and explained: "I'm doing well, thank God, I don't need money, I buy my own bags and everything that makes me happy. If the other does better than me, it gives me a lot of joy and I want the same thing the other way around”.

Among several questions, she gave details of her daily life routine: “I like to get up early, train, eat healthy and give it to me once a week, put it on. The fissure is not a state that pleases me”. And she clarified: “ I am much more structured than I seem, and much less crazy ”. She also pointed to mate, sudoku and self-defined as necessary to live and Sundays as a family day. “ Sex is daily and spectacular ”, she assured. She then was relaxed about the couple's relationship: "Don't share your life with me because I don't think I'm interested in everything and I don't like to pretend, it doesn't come out and it gives me straw. And she sentenced: “ I believe in shared lives without sharing all of life”.


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