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Candil of the clip the Bad Bunny marcosour and corporate synergy

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"One brand positions the other and the two fattening", with this slogan the latest news of the Bad Bunny brand could be explained.It seems that half that does not speak of the "Marcosaur" Puerto Ricua is out of the game, the synergy game.With mentioning and registering their success stories with brands such as Adidas, Wrestlemania or Spotify, they are placed in an advantageous position in Google search engines and advertising payment schemes.By serving and reproducing "everything that touches becomes success", they synchronize with the discourse and hegemonic ideology of meritocracy.

According to marketing gurus, synergy is achieved when the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, instances or other agents, produce an effect greater than the sum of their effects separately;that is, when 1+1 = 3.To generate “positive synergy”, two actions can be synchronized with the same objective and in channels that attack the same behavior and 2) Attack two behaviors in phases cone with cone with logansecutive, on the path of purchase or loyalty with the brand.I interpret it how to activate two nodes of a gestalt or plot of meanings settled in the imaginary of consumers, who generate meaning and guide behavior: consume a product and/or worship a brand.

For Noami Klein, Walt Disney is "the grandfather of modern synergy".Already in 1930, the cartoonist-entrepreneur “showed that he understood the human desire to penetrate the screen of the cinemas when he fantasized to build a separate Disney city from the real world, and pointed out that each product or toy with the shape of the Mickey mouse was aAnnouncement of your cartoon ".As she refers, Michael J.Wolf, management consultant for large companies such as Viacom, Time Warner, MTV and Citigroup, wrote: “The people who run companies have told me countless times that their objective is to achieve the success that Disney achieves with all the projects and with all thecompanies that face ".As Nike executives predicted, in the future their competitor (it will be) Disney and no Reebok ”.

As political scientist points out in her book, no logo, what changes in the new era of corporate synergy is that “members of the business world know that the need to melt with the cross advertising of coupled consumption products (whether they are toys, be toys,television shows or shoes) do not fader magically when children stop eating cereals at breakfast ”.

It is what Adidas is used when he launches a tennis model such as Forum 84 BB-The First Café and associates it with “the first cup of coffee in the morning” and in “the eccentric personality of the musician”.To refer to this daily experience, the shoes show different tones of brown and beige.To connect with the Bad Bunny brand, its tongue and sole is customized with the eye logo that identify the trapera brand from its first X100Pre album, for the fastest in the velcro of the functional strap, the title of the single and video appears whereThe model was launched for the first time.

They went on sale on March 17, for a price of $ 160 through the confirmed application of Adidas.They sold out a few minutes after their departure in most of the countries where they were put for sale.As a consequence, its price multiplied to 440 euros.

The same thing that happened in September 2020, when the Crocs brand premiered a new version of the Classic Clog, it was reported “designed” by Bad Bunny;A model dedicated to its fans with its identifying logos, rabbit -shaped pins, flames, stars and the planet Saturn.

Candil del clip El marcosaurio Bad Bunny y la sinergia corporativa

Then, the touch of storytelling was not lacking, the sale of a lifestyle, to position in the minds of its followers the brand that on more than one occasion had looked."I believe in being honest and not putting limitations, which is also something that represents Crocs, and this is the message that I always want to make of sending to my fans," said singer-desector in a statement.In synergy, as Heidi Cooley said, the Crocs World Marketing Director: “We love when we have the opportunity to associate with people like Bad Bunny, who have a genuine connection with the brand and embody our motto‘ Come as you are ’”.

This special edition of Crocs was sold out in sixteen minutes.Bad Bunny's worshiper, Danny Morales, 26, resident in Rialto, California, tried to buy crocs with three different devices, just to discover that they were not available."I was surprised," he said for The New York Times."I loved them too".He already had a couple of crocs, he said, "but these were Bad Bunny, who wouldn't want everything he gets for sale?".

Such a brand, at the cusp of success, marks a trend in Clipclic society.Everyone wants to spread with their aura.That is why they invite him to The Shop: a interrupted, the television show led by LeBron James and Maverick Carter.Precisely, in the same season that there will be another brand that, like him, dilutes borders, between being "celebrities" and being entrepreneurs, I mean Jay-Z.It was announced, after his emotional participation on the scenario of Wrestlemania and after obtaining four Billboard awards, including the best Latin album for "Yhlqmdlg" ("I do what I feel like it").

As we propose in another text, when rewarding Bad Bunny, the Granmys and the Billboard Music Awards, they position themselves as-marcas, as with the other sponsoring brands.The same goes for Ticketmaster, a company dedicated to the distribution of tickets, or with Cárdenas Marketing Network (CMD), the company of the show businessman Henry Cárdenas Orduz;When the presale of half a million tickets becomes a news success in just two hours for the publicized tour of the Puerto Rican trapero, with the rimbombante title of "The last tour of the world 2022".For the benefit of his own brand, Cárdenas, insists on meaning, to assign exchange values, to the Bad Bunny brand: “He is the artist of the moment.He is an actor, composer, singer, athlete ... He has all these ingredients that all artists do not have ”.

His appearance and his "triumph" in Wrestlemania was another marketing operation, positioning by synergy.A well mounted show to get attention and capitalize.It was given, after a publicized rivalry between the urban singer and the superstar of the WWE, The Miz, and sharing an integral nude in the Stories of his Instagram account.As they narrated, after being beaten, he matched the fight and after a severe denucator on the other way, John Morrison, Bad Bunny put the fight 2-1.Finally, an amazing iron, and the touch-back touch of the singer-luchador, led to the victory to the duo formed by him and his compatriot Damian Priest.

The objective of his appearances in the Royal Rumble and his "triumph" was clearly expressed by WWE's president and sales director, Nick Khan: "In WWE we are very aware that people are getting old, and that we have to look for new fansThey arrive to consume the company's product.Bad Bunny is a strategy designed to bring that type of audience.We are reassessing our market strategy and soon we will also launch products for children between 2 and 6 years ”.It was ratified by the journalist Sean Ross Sapp, from Fightful Selected: "Bad Bunny is a great commercial success: she obtained the first merchandising sales stand, especially with her shirt and a hoodie".

All these performances have been published as the concretion of dreams of Benito Antonio, the son of a teacher and truck driver who grew up in Vega Baja.Following the launch of Adidas shoes, the influential singer said: “Since childhood I always loved tennis.They were the main detail of the style I wanted to have or what I would do on that day.Go out with the panas and ask: What tennis are you going to wear?Share and talk about the models we dreamed.It is something that unites and defines us ".

Note that not only insists on the synergy of meanings between the shoe brand and the artist-marca, but also with that trip to childhood so aforementioned in their first album.Connected with the identification chosen by a teenager for social networks, "Bad Bunny" (bad rabbit), with his ambiguous meanings.This regression to childhood brings juicy profits to the owners of the other brands and symbols that connects.When wanting to be like the star, a big boy, fans like Danny Morales, become infanticized consumers, dominated by emotion and whim.

Perhaps, Benito Antonio Martínez-Ocasio is not aware of the great service provided to the capitalist elites.It serves as before the Donald duck in Disney's cartoons and animated;which Ariel Dortman and Armand Mattelart described wisely in their to read Donald duck.His versatility, musician, designer, athlete ..., he gives him an amorphous property, useful for all target, such as favorite agents for synergy, cartoon characters.With fetishes like him, through social networks and entertainment columns, entrepreneurs manage to make their old dream of not leaving a single space without their logos, or an empty moment of brands and the desire to consume them.In addition to the new paradigm of eliminating all bars between brands and culture, in which sponsors and sponsored, a music festival of an advertising campaign of Coca Cola, nor the video clips of a commercial spots salad do not differentiate.

That, a macrospot, was the "I seen" video clip, the second single of The Last Tour of the World, Bad Bunny's third studio album.It is a product placement of the most outstanding models of the Adidas skate range and the aforementioned Bad Bunny shoe.From the beginning and repeatedly in the first planes, the models of the sportswear brand appear;That is the articulating axis of the video released on November 27, 2020 and directed by the renowned Stillz.And as if that crossroads of symbols were not enough, to maximize attention, the video constitutes the "advertising location" of other registered brands of music and cinema such as Sofía Vergara, Ricky Martin, Ruby Rose, Sech, Luka Sabbat,Ryan García and Karol G.Among other typical phrases of the musical brand, it is heard saying: "I boté all the Nike, I signed with Adidas".

With this compilation of meanings the Bad Bunny brand reaches young people;Online by Spotify or YouTube, for the entertainment columns, on television, for the adidas or crocs spot, with a jacket and skirt from Louis Vuitton by Wmag magazine.In all these channels his courage and willingness to make his dreams come true, "do whatever he wants".It comes to them as a body-vitrine, of brands and lifestyles.Especially with those linked to activities or products linked to the act of consuming music;With shoes, for example, to wear them in the party, while perrea.

After entering through other synergies, those that foster featuring, an operation widely used by the brands of the Latin Trap.What made one of them say, Archangel, "I have no competition, I have allies".Through this "contagion" of meanings the Bad Bunny brand was built.In 2017 he collaborated with renowned singers of the genre such as Arcángel himself, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Wisin, Yandel, Ozuna and Farruko.This was exposed to the millions of followers of these other brands.A paella of meanings that maximize reproductions and royalties.

More transcendent than the synergies indicated, between one or two brands, between companies and the media, it is what they all establish with the neoliberal ideology and its plot of meanings.For the settlement of their stories and the naturalization of the dreams of the rich.If, as Marx raised, the goods are “carried out” in the market, in the act of sale;It is in the minds of consumers where a brand is "made", in the act of savoring their meanings and tattooing with the compulsive desire to be like the Bad Bunny Marcosaura, to carry the brands that have it of symbolic value;In the act of getting hooked with the emotions that condense and invade us through different channels.Including, those storytelling that promotes the "rabbit";The story that in capitalism any poor can become "famous" and realize their dreams.

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