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Laura Matamoros teaches the first clothes bought from her baby

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Kiko Matamoros's daughter has asked her followers for help to know how much clothes a newborn baby needs

N. D.Laura Matamoros enseña la primera ropita que le ha comprado a su bebé Laura Matamoros enseña la primera ropita que le ha comprado a su bebé

September has arrived and Laura Matamoros begins to prepare for the month of December, which is just around the corner and in a seen and not seen, she will have her baby in her arms.Although there are still three long months, Kiko Matamoros daughter has begun to improvise a cabinet background for the baby on the way and "has lied it" with the first purchases he has made.Keep reading to discover what happened to you!

The first conjunctions of the baby

Laura Matamoros is still involved in her professional career as an influencer, in fact, the other day she recorded a fun advertisement with her son Mati.The exercise has not set aside either, since it has been marked as a goal not to rise from the 12 kilos in this second pregnancy, so it is fulfilling to achieve its goal.

Laura Matamoros enseña la primera ropita que le ha comprado a su bebé

In addition, he has begun to prepare his baby's first clothes that are expected to come to the world for the most magical month of the year: December.This morning, half Madrid has been arranged to go with the most monkeys and "has lied it" buying it, what a foreseeing mother!

Laura has spent most of the pregnancy thinking that the new family member would take advantage of much of Mati's clothes, although she has not calculated that her eldest son was born in May and the baby will do it in December, so the clothesof newborn will not serve him.It is for that reason that he has brought all these sets so monkeys and warm.

It is clear that Ropita is not going to miss the little one!

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