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Muslines, always next to the baby: what are they, what are they for and how many types there are

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When we think about preparing everything that our baby will need at birth we find that times have changed and now even the simplest things, such as diapers, have evolved a lot and find a great offer in the market.Not to mention carts, surveillance cameras, evolutionary cribs ... but there are some things that remain with the passage of time because they are irreplaceable, such as muslin, an example of a simple and effective garment that has been used for thousands ofyears.

Muslines are large gauze (normally measure 120x120) made of 100% cotton or bamboo thread.They are very light, breathable and vaporous, and have the main function of serve as a lullaby for the baby.As we said, they are no novelty, since they have been used for centuries in Europe, and have their origin in the city of Mosul (Iraq).At first, they were used as diapers, in addition to lullaby.

And it is that the act of lulling is almost innate for a mother and for everyone who has a baby in his arms.Before birth, babies feel very wrapped and protected in the womb, and this sense of constant well -being and safety disappears at birth.The lulls help babies feel relaxed and content, and in this way it is easier for them to rest and sleep, something they need to do most of the time in their first months of life.

Uses of Musline

The muslines do not serve just to lull, even if that is the main use that we give.They are very versatile and, once you check how useful and practical they are, you will always want to have one by hand.

Muselinas, siempre junto al bebé: qué son, para qué sirven y cuántos tipos hay

Since they are very soft and absorbent, you can use them well as a bib, well to cover your shoulder when you place your baby after each shot, because it is very common for them to regurgit and stain clothes.

They serve both to cover and prevent them from sweating.If it's very hot, you can put them on the cart, the trona, the hammock, a chair ... to protect your skin from sweat.Similarly, they serve to cover them gently if she refreshes in summer, but not in excess thanks to their breathability.You can protect you from the direct sun by putting it in the car window, or to cover it if you have put the air conditioning.

You can cover with them a part of the chair to give some shadow without losing clarity, provided you leave at least one without cover to ensure that at all times the baby has enough ventilation.If you are going to bed somewhere, including your cunite, you can use a muslin as a lower sheet and to cover you, because there will be nothing more comfortable and soft.

If the baby sweats, or you when taking it in my arms, the muslin will also help you absorb sweat and make contact between you more pleasant.As they are very absorbent, you can use them to dry after the change of diaper or when they leave the bathroom.Even you can use the muslin to cover yourself whether to cool or to clean when necessary.As you can see, you may want to take more than one with you.

Cotton muslin or bamboo muslines?

Either of the two options is perfect for your baby.The original muslines, those we have spoken and manufactured in Mosul were cotton, although at first they were even silk.Today, most are still cotton (which are wonderful) although we are increasing.

Cotton muslines are somewhat lighter and consistent with touch and in principle give some more heat, something that can also be very useful.The bamboo muslin.The bamboo is also highly appreciated in the muselin for its fall and softness to the touch.A peculiarity of both tissues is that, as you are washing them, softer and more pleasant will result in touch.


FUENTE: Mimuselindivinity.es

Pack of two large extra muselin.You can combine how we prefer plain colors with the different prints of the brand.

Aden Andanais

FUENTE: Aden Andanaisdivinity.es

With a very practical intermediate size (70cmx70cm) these muslin.They are soft, absorbent and breathable, and you can find them in different prints.

Little Unicorn

FUENTE: Little Unicorndivinity.es

These muslines arrive from the United States and are made with 100% bamboo rayon.They have a large size (120cm x 120cm) so you can use them for everything.In Little Unicorn you will find unique prints and designs, which adapt to all styles and trends.

Zara Home Kids

FUENTE: Zara Homedivinity.es

In Zara Home you will find muslin packs in different prints, made of gauze cotton, and in an ideal size to always carry with you (55cmx55cm)


FUENTE: XKKOdivinity.es

XKKO Bamboo Muslines are composed of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton, and both materials are of certified organic production.They are large (120cmx120cm) and come with a very practical bag with handle to save them, manufactured with the same fabric.



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