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New York investigates arsenic and other toxic substances in baby food

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New York, USA

The New York Attorney General announced Thursday that he is investigating several baby food producers for inorganic arsenic levels and other toxic substances in their rice preparations, after a report from the US Congress.UU.conclude that they can be 'dangerous' and that companies do not include warning labels.

The prosecutor, the Democrat Letitia James, has requested information from the firms Gerber, Hain, Beech-Nut and Nurture about their arsenic levels and their practices, policies and testing standards for this chemical in rice products and the ingredients thatThey sell in the state of New York, where you have competition, according to a statement from your office.

'Baby food producers have the legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of their products and give mental peace to parents who rely on them every day.With this research, I am committed to protecting the health and well -being of the next generation, 'he said.

Nueva York investiga arsénico y otras sustancias tóxicas en comida para bebés

A subcommitte.UU.He published in February a report on the matter in which he concluded that the 'commercial food contains dangerous levels of arsenic, lithium, mercury and cadmium'.

'Estos metales pesados tóxicos suponen riesgos serios para la salud de los bebés y los infantes. Los productores venden estos productos, a sabiendas, a padres desprevenidos, pese a estándares corporativos internos y resultados de tests, y sin ningún tipo de etiquetado de advertencia', señalaron los legisladores.

The administration of drugs and food (FDA) of the United States recommends that inorganic arsenic in rice products for infants is limited to '100 parts per billion', and is the only call to action that the regulator has in force for substancesToxic in baby food, says the prosecutor.

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