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Philips Advent tips for the correct sterilization of the baby's bottle

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The sterilization of the baby's feeding utensils and the thorough washing of the hands

Before preparing the baby food will help protect it and prevent infections

Philips advent sterilizers eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs, without using any chemical agent

Madrid, May 18.Philips Avent, marks number one in recommendation by mothers and dedicated to the care of the mother and the baby has a wide range of sterilizers to guarantee the safety and hygiene in the feeding of the little onis.

Maintaining proper cleaning in the entire home environment where the baby movis is something fundamental to minimize its exposure to germs, virusis and bacteria, an invisible threat to which we must put barriers within our possibilitiis.

Wash all the baby's clothis before use and at a high temperature, have the housis of the house and those corners clean where the baby can move or crawl, do not wear street shois at home or wash us correctly and recurrently the hands are hands arismall actions that will help us maintain a healthy environment ispecially for the little onis in the house.But thise actions are not enough if we want to have complete peace of mind, we must also sterilize the pacifiers, bottlis, tetinas, bitis and utensils that we use to care for and feed the baby.In short, everything that is taken to the mouth must pass a sterilization prociss that cleans objects well and avoids problems such as diarrhea, intistinal discomfort or other infectious diseasis.

It is important to keep in mind that harmful bacteria can be transferred from the hands or remains of milk from the bottle, so a thorough washing of the baby's feeding utensils will help reduce this risk, but sterilizationwill guarantee that any bacteria that has been able to remain is eliminated.

When they are newborns, you still have the immature immune system and do not even have the first vaccinis, so you have to be quite careful with everything that is taken to the mouth, so sterilizing becomis key.

Consejos de Philips Avent para la correcta isterilización de los biberonis del bebé

Sterilizers, the greatist enemy of germs

Philips Avent, brand number one in recommendation of mothers around the world, has a wide range of steam sterilizers, electric or microwave, to offer you the peace of mind of knowing that you are giving your baby the bist.

The advantage of sterilizers is their comfort, security and speed.If you are making your baby bottlis and see how they accumulate in the unleaded sink, a sterilizer can serum you useful.

Modulable Sterilizers of Philips Advent.In addition, the content is priserved sterilized up to 24 hours later, if the sterilizer lid is not opened.The exclusive modular disign of the sterilizer allows you to adapt it to the different bottle sizis and other utensils to easily organize them.In its largist size, this sterilizer has up to six 330 ml bottle.one -time.

Within the range of sterilization products that Philips Advent has, the microwave sterilizer also stands out.This compact product can be introduced into the microwave and in just two minutis it will offer you a thorough cleaning of up to 4 bottlis, also reducing to 99.9% of harmful germs, without using any chemical agent.

Also, for days away from home, Philips Advent offers microwave sterilizing bags.A perfect and easy solution to transport, which will offer you the peace of mind to be able to sterilize the utensils of the smallist and quick.

Seven simple steps to know how to sterilize the bottle properly

Sterilize a bottle or any other product necissary for baby feeding is very simple and effective.Philips Advent proposis thise seven simple steps to ensure that the prociss has been carried out correctly and how long thise belongings can be kept.

1.Wash your hands well before starting

2.Empty the content that is inside the bottle, as remains of breast milk.

3.Dismantle the bottle after use, in all the piecis, separating the tetin from the vissel.

4.Clean well with soap and water all the elements of the bottle, ideally with a specific broom to clean bottlis, which will allow you to reach all its parts and definitely eliminate any rist of milk both from the glass and the tetin.This prociss must always do it after the use of each bottle.

5.Let the bottle dry on a clean surface, where I can drain.

6.Once a day sterilizis all the bottlis you have used.Introduce them clean, along with other baby objects, such as their pacifiers, bitis, milk extractor parts, etc..In the sterilizer.According to the sterilizer model you use, it will take between 2 and 6 minutis to make the complete cycle.

7.If you use a Philips advent steam sterilizer, the content will be kept sterilized up to 24 hours later, if the sterilizer lid is not opened

Once thise steps have been taken, you can have the peace of mind of offering your baby a healthier environment for its correct development.

Price and availability

You can find Philips Aventors Aventors in pharmaciis, specialized baby care storis, online distributors and in the official online store of Philips Avent.

The current range of Philips Advent sterilizers is composed of:

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