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He wanted to wash clothes to pay for his son's cake;She didn't imagine what social networks would do

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Hermosillo, Son.- celebrating a person's birthday is not only to make a party, but to celebrate another year of life surrounded by special beings, sufficient reason to be happy.Especially if it is the celebration of a minor, since they become the authentic protagonists of his favorite character

This demonstrates the affection that their relatives feel and people full of goodness that contribute to the realization of these celebrations, which is a valuable tool that will form out of their memories tomorrow.

Such is the case of little Luis Ángel, who will celebrate his 5th birthday under the interpretation of the iconic spider -man, thanks to his mother's effort, family and a great team of citizen avengers who joined strength to achieve this important mission.

Through social networks, the call for help of a mother in Hermosillo went viral, after he offered her laundry services to buy a cake from her son and hold the event next Sunday, August 29.

Quería lavar ropa para pagar el pastel de su hijo; no se imaginó lo que las redes sociales harían

The publication shocked the readers, who shared it to reach more people, since Francisca Rodríguez López, mother of the infant, only required 340 pesos to acquire the strawberry cake that his little one likes so much.

In an interview for Express, "Panchita", 39, explained that being a single mother of two children, 5 -year -old Angel and a 10 -year -So I only planned to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the minor.

However, she never imagined the goodness of the Hermosillenses, who supported her selflessly to buy the desired cake, but also donated snacks, drinks, sweets, piñata and Spiderman's decoration, so that it is an unforgettable moment for the child who will interpretto his favorite super hero.

The appointment is next Sunday, a simple meeting to take care of the sanitary protocols derived from the Pandemia by COVID-19, at its home located in the Palo Verde neighborhood, on Jesús López street.

Therefore, Luis Ángel will spend a nice day, feeling special and loved by his own, without a doubt, the best gift he can have.

On the other hand, the difficulties facing the family do not end, which is why Francisca took advantage of the means to invite citizens to hire their services, because in addition to washing clothes, houses and courtyards are offered.

Since the money collected will be to get electronic items, because before the recent rains his house was flooded and requires buying a refrigerator and a bed base that were damaged by rainfall.But also for the purchase of pantry and carry out their children, especially in this return to classes.

Those who wish to support or hire their domestic work can communicate to the telephone number 662 163 4224, where she will attend them with pleasure.

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