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¡Qué grande es la lista de cosas que una familia debe preparar ante la llegada de un bebé! Está la ropa, los pañales, la cuna, el cambiador, la bañera, el carrito… La seguridad es importante también y, en este sentido, son cada vez más los padres que adquieren un sistema de vigilancia formado por una cámara que hay que colocar en la habitación donde está el pequeño y un monitor que podemos llevar a cualquier punto de la vivienda: de esta manera, en tiempo real podemos saber cómo se encuentra o qué está haciendo si debemos ausentarnos de su cuarto.Las mejores cámaras vigilabebés Las mejores cámaras vigilabebés

What video surveillance cameras have we tried?

The models chosen for the comparison are the following: Aviland Follow Baby (8,75), Boifun VB605 (7.75), Homeasy B0015 (8.5) and Philips Avent SCD843/01 (8,25).The final average assessment they have received has been obtained from the analysis of these criteria:

Comparison of video surveillance cameras for babies: so we have tried them

The tests of this comparison have been carried out in a house of one hundred square meters and to each model we have dedicated a week.Specifically, we have tried it in two rooms: in one where a baby of only a few months sleep and in the other a two and a half year old boy.The monitor moved through different places in the house.We have verified if the scope of the signal that communicates the monitor with the camera is good, if there are interference, if the configuration of its different options is simple, the image and sound quality they offer ...

The four baby surveillance cameras have proven to be an option to take into account.However, the Aviland Follow Baby model unchecks the rest and obtains the highest score.It has a specially careful design, the signal between the camcorder and the monitor is very stable and its auto-foolow technology promises good results.

Video Surveillance Babies Aviland Follow Baby: Our choice

This vigilabebés model we liked just getting it out of your box.It has an especially careful aesthetic and both its construction and finishes are the best of the comparison.The camera, which has to always be connected to the light, incorporates (among other features) a speaker, temperature sensor, microphone and eight LEDs for infrared that are activated if the room is dark.It also incorporates a design that allows you to make 360º movements with the lens that it has and an antenna that guarantees communication continues and without interference with the monitor.

Data sheet

The experience provided by this monitor is exceptional and can be used without connecting it by cable, since it integrates an internal battery that promises several hours of use.With a 3.5 -inch color LCD screen (microphone and speaker too), the quality of the images showing what the camera captures is good in both day and night situations, both in terms of brightness and definition.Meanwhile, on the right side, your crosshead allows you to direct the address of this lens up both up and down, right and left.It is also possible to apply zoom with good results.

Las mejores cámaras vigilabebés

Its main claim is the function of auto -tracking or automatic monitoring that works great: being motorized, the vigilabebés camera is able to follow the child whenever it detects movement;It is useful if, for example, we leave it in his room, we have to absent a moment and we do not want to lose detail of what he does.It also offers bidirectional sound, an alarm to program meals and another temperature.To prolong the autonomy of the monitor, it is convenient to activate the ‘VOX mode’, so that it will only show the image when some sound occurs (it is possible to select its sensitivity between the high, medium and low levels).

The best, the worst and conclusions

Compra por 179,10€ en Amazon

Video Surveillance Babies Homeasy B0015: The alternative

Next to the Aviland Follow Baby model, they are the only.But it is not the only characteristic they share, as it also provides a reminder function that allows you to program an alarm with the hours to which the child has to eat.You can presume, on the other hand, to incorporate a 5 -inch display and resolution H, characteristics that guarantee that the quality of the viewing of the images is good - it is possible to apply a small zoom - although in the daytime situations we expected something else.Meanwhile, its bidirectional sound function results from the best, as the audio is clear and there are no interference.

This homeasy model, which can make turns from top to bottom and horizontTemperature meter.As with the winner of this comparative.The signal that connects camera and monitor is very stable and immediately recognized.

Compra por 140,99€ en Amazon

Video surveillance camera Babies philips advent scd843/01

This vigilabebés model offers a very complete use experience if we take into account the different possibilities that suggests: bidirectional sound, room temperature control, option to adjust the degree of microphone sensitivity of the unit that we place in the room of the roomlittle…

The monitor, which has a 3.5 -inch color display, is characterized by its simplicity of use and what we liked least is the touch of its buttons, which could be more comfortable to use.On the right side, it has a control to select from the following modes of use: video, audio, vox and echo, what does what the video and the audio so that camera and monitor are connected to connect with each other alone if the little oneIt emits a sound.The objective is to prolong as much as possible the autonomy of this monitor.Meanwhile, from the camcorder we highlight that not only has a button that reproduces the nannies (up to 5) that we select from the unit that parents control.Add a second control that activates a dim and cozy light in the room.

How about the quality of the images?The product fulfills its mission and above all we want to highlight the quality of daytime images.For its part, the sound is correct.As additional benefits, indicate that if the connection between both devices is interrupted in the monitor a message will appear.It also emits an alert when the battery is going to run out.

Compra por 175,99€ en Amazon

Video Surveillance Babies Boifun VB605: Best Pricing Business Relationship

For those families with a tight budget, or who do not want to spend a lot.In addition, the camcorder can lean slightly forward or back to adopt the orientation we prefer.This is good if, for example, we decided to place it on the wall, an option that is usually common in this type of accessories.

If we compare results and experiences, the image quality and the bidirectional system provided slightly decrease, but if we take into account the price strip in which this surveillance system is located, the results seem more than correct and successful in terms of definition orof brightness.Something similar happens with finishes and construction materials, the plastic of the other proposals is better.Also with the stability of the signal that makes camera and monitor communicate;On a couple of occasions this communication was lost without apparent reason.

The monitor has a 3.2 -inch color screen.Other Interest Data: Temperature sensor, cradle song and Vox function that prolongs monitor autonomy.

Compra por 89,99€ en Amazon

*All purchase prices included in this article are updated on November 3, 2021.

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