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"We are all queens": Cecilia Bolocco will launch an unprecedented clothing line to celebrate 35 years of her consecration as Miss Universe

By hollisterclothingoutlet 12/05/2022 613 Views

After weeks disappeared from social networks, Cecilia Bolocco returned to live on her Instagram, in which she shows the different designs of her textile company. This time, the communicator revealed that she will launch an unprecedented clothing line to celebrate 35 years since her consecration as Miss Universe.

"As the years go by, I must say that I am very embarrassed, but my team convinced me. They are still beautiful, I am going to try them on," she started, telling the former "Miss Universe" on her return to social networks.

In the first shirt she showed, Cecilia Bolocco is the great protagonist, although only the right part of her face appears with the crown on her head, since the slogan "universe" is written on the left side, alluding to the beauty pageant which he won in 1987.

"This is the one I like the most, it's happier. This is the moment I win. Like emotion, isn't it? Look at the tenderness. There I do like this (he brings his hands to his face) and immediately I touch the crown "Detailed Diana Bolocco's sister while modeling other shirts from her next collection that will be released next year.

At the same time, Cecilia Bolocco revealed that she never thought that all of Chile was following the beauty contest: "At that moment she said: 'Will they be seeing me? Have they forgotten that I was competing here? I hope they are seeing me', and they were watching me. I was so excited. We're all queens."

The communicator's followers loved her new clothing line, so much so that they showered her with praise. "I love them, they are beautiful," commented a fan of Cecilia Bolocco.

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