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What is the best way to clothe a newborn baby to sleep?

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When the time to sleep comes, a habitual concern is how to wrap the newborn in the best way.That the temperature is adequate, without the baby walking heat or cold, that it does not uncover but not cover too much or that there is nothing that involves a danger to the child can become a real headache.In addition a baby who sleeps with any type of discomfort will be awakened more often than usual.That is why we tell you below how you can clothe your newborn to seek your break and yours.

Avoid dangerous objects

And with this we refer to any object.No toys, not even those who are soft and soft, or the bedding that is loose, since there is a risk of suffocation or strangulation.Forget the blankets, comforters or matches, as well as the protectors that are tied to the bars.Babies do not have any control of their limbs, so they cannot uncover if they need it, or free themselves if they get hooked on something.Some experts recommend not using any type or blanket until 18 months.

Sleeping clothes

The clothes you choose must be 100%cotton, not very tight and without ribbons or laces.In winter you can use a body and on him a pajamas that also covers his feet.The days of time, when it is not very cold, you would not need anything else.Similarly, on hot summer nights, with a short -sleeved body or a fresh pijamita will have more than enough.

To cover yourself, a bag

¿Cuál es la mejor forma de arropar a un bebé recién nacido para dormir?

We have already said that we must not leave any garment that is released in the cradle.No blankets, sheets, bedspreads, etc..Therefore, the best option for our baby to sleep warm when to really cold, is a bag.There are actually bags of different thicknesses, even very finite for the summer, so there is no need to cover the newborn in another way.

Baby sacks are safe, breathable and allow the newborn to move with total freedom without any danger.Value the type of thickness you need according to the temperature of the house, which is always different from the outside.

Do not shelter him in excess

It is true that the body temperature of the newborn is a couple of degrees lower than that of an adult, but that does not mean that it has to be up to excess, because its body is not able to regulate.If you warm it too much, your temperature can rise until you cause fever.Eruptions in the baby's skin may also appear because of excess sweat.That is why it is important to adapt the coat clothes at the real temperature of the room where it sleeps

If you sleep away from home

When the baby sleeps one of his naps during the day and he coincides with a car walk, whenever you are looking at him you can cover him with a lullaby, toquilla or blanket.For winter there are bags for the cart that will allow you to go warmed enough.Remember that temperatures change inside and outside, and that it will depend on where the way to coat it is.



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